Delpozo Returns to Fall in Love with Its Parade

The building IAC’s famous Chelsea neighborhood, in the Manhattan, has been part of the Spanish firm Delpozo parade. Another season, Josep Font It has become to gather all personalities from the world of fashion and it has made us dream to all who were present.

On this occasion the White trees they have been the stars of the catwalk, a Winter forest with a tour in curve which made the models caminasen in the midst of a happy environment. Items in this collection is inspired by the colorful drops of Rhys Lee and footprint pre-Raphaelite with modern framing of Andrey Remmev.

Again the color has been one of the most noteworthy features of the sublime garments that Josep Font designed for next fall. We found flowers always conjoined with the firm, this time with a finish silver dresses for an elegant evening. The winter of Delpozo flees in a certain way so characteristic dark tones, Despite being present make it always with spring shades.

The piano music that sounded in the room made the velvets (a new tissue in the signature that is present in this occasion), gauze, tulles and other exquisite fabrics to parade before us at a pace slow and elegant. Long dresses have returned to complete a parade of the recall.

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