Delpozo Is Immersed in a Robotic World and Victorian Touches

One of the moments most anticipated, for us and for the world of fashion, it is the parade of Delpozo. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it is true that their collections are a breath of fresh air in the New York fashion week. For the collection of autumn/winter 2016-2017, Delpozo is inspired by the film Fritz Lang’s metropolis and the artist Daria Petrilli.

The interior and personal world of Josep Font seems endless. It is an inexhaustible source of references and inspirations that reflected then in their designs. For the season of autumn/winter 2016-2017, in Delpozo, they enter a robotic, modern, classic and Victorian world. All this may sound contradictory, but when you see your designs we understand it.

Metallic fabrics they wear different clothes in colors like the silver, bronze, Burgundy or blue. We also see items with irregular stripes with shines in blue or gold or silver iridescent, embroidered fabrics. Josep Font continues with volume forms and architectural, that they have become one of its hallmarks. The color palette is cheerful, lively and nothing subtle.

One of the items in the collection are maxi coats with loop and bulky. The Victorian touch is reflected in designs with more packaging and presence or more demure models. The most spectacular dresses (a little too much) are those of tulle with full-bodied and voluminous shapes, floral embroidered in blue and silver beads.

Special mention for a few wonderful long gloves with 3D flowers with shiny, metallic tones and pastel.

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