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Decorating trends for 2017

Renovating your home?
You sure you’re a @ decoration as I lover and you want to be aware of the trends of decoration this year 2017. Why today, in easy decoration, I bring you all the trends to be able to decorate your House being the last.
If you thought making changes in the living room, bedrooms, sofas, curtains or painting the walls in this post, I bring you the trends that will highlight this year in decorating.


For the year 2017 will have prominence Norse decoration. Vintage style is back with great force, cottage style and the shabby chic. Without neglecting the industrial style.

Colors that are

Last year 2016 color that dominated was grey and during this 2017 is still in the arena, also the Nordic colors how are blue, ivory and of course the white luminosity and spaciousness to the stay.
Colors trend in 2017, they say from Pantone, the highest authority in the world of color is: similar to jeans wornblue; Lapis Blue, a blue darker; Island Paradise, a very soft blue; Kale, a military green; Greenery, one green more clear; Flame, a reddish orange; Primrose Yellow, a very spring yellow; Hazelnut, a hazelnut color; PIN Yarrow, a flashy pink; and Pale Dogwood, a pale pink.



This season comes stomping velvet, not only on the sofas, cushions and curtains, giving your home a touch of glamour. Color stars are grey, pink and blue. The mixture of textures are always a hit, it remains faithful to the natural tissue. Mixing silks, cottons and wool for curtains, curtains, comforters, etc.



In 2017 all natural comes with great force. Cork is one of them, an economic material and insulation, both thermal and acoustic, being an excellent idea for covering walls and floors of your home. Wood is still the material star, stands out clear and natural colors. We will see the marble countertops in kitchens and bathrooms and furnishing and side tables.

Copper and gold

The finishes are in copper and gold for the decorative details such as frames, vases and low tables legs. Copper lamps , floor, ceiling or table, are a good choice to incorporate this material in your home decor.

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