Decorating Trends that Thrive In Fashion Venues

Much of the success of a business lies in the services offered, but another key point is the decoration of the premises. We can never forget to look after the image! One of the first objectives has to be to achieve a current and cozy environment that invites people to enter and stay. Your business can become a great source of inspiration from ideas, even applicable to decorating a home. Everyone will want to copy your style!

Following the decorating trends is the first step to getting your business ready for the new season. It is the perfect time to renew the furniture, so to put it easier, from SKLUM we tell you what are the keys to fashion styles.

More and more locals, whether cafes, restaurants or hotels, add to the line of a home decor, that is, to make customers feel like they are at house

. To do this, it is very common to use furniture or decoration typical of a modern house, such as the large wooden tables or the combination of chairs of different styles.

An idea that can be used to get a warmer atmosphere is to decorate with plants. These help to purify the air and, in addition, are an economic way of bringing more life to the environment. Another option is to incorporate DIY details into your business, be it small vases, the letter itself or any other ornament. Everything that contributes more personality to the local will be a success.

A successful business is one that knows how to adapt to trends and takes care of even the smallest detail. The arrival of the good weather and the change of season make this the perfect time to renovate the furniture and improve the image of the local. Our advice is that you join any of the following trends that we are going to tell you, are the most successful! We tell you how you can get each of the four fashion styles and what are the key pieces that you can not miss. All of them are available in our online shop. Don’t give up on design decorations!

  1. SCANDI style, weakness for white!

The SCANDI, better known as Nordic, arrived a long time ago to stay. Bet on the spaces clear, very light and minimalist. As for the palette of colors, highlights are neutral shades, but especially the white and touches in black. Why this can be the proper decoration for your local? It is perfect for small spaces, as this style increases the feeling of amplitude.

Wood is the material par excellence and, the lighter and natural, the better. An icon of this style is the IMS chair, you can choose from a wide range of colors. In general, opt for straight-line furniture that combines design and comfort.

Source: SKLUM

  1. INDUSTRIAL style, pure New York design!

The environments that recall the old factories in new York are booming. Wood is mixed with more urban materials such as metal, brick or cement. The fashion venues of all the cities of the world join in this style, why not inspire yourself in this environment for your business? You will bring bohemian and artistic character to your image. The walls are covered with brick and concrete and the pipes or cables are not hidden.

The artificial lighting has a main role, opts for those lamps that leave in sight the retro bulbs with filaments, give a very warm light! You can also include a light sign in which to put the name of your business. A classic of this style is the LIX chairs, this in particular combines brushed metal with wooden seat.

Source: SKLUM

  1. VINTAGE style, the charm of the classic!

All the old pieces or those that mimic that elegant style of classicism and romanticism have a place in this trend. It is perfect for businesses that want to give a tasteful image. You will make space a cozy and harmonious place. Our proposal is a renewed VINTAGE that combines more current elements, for example, you can mix materials that evoke past eras, such as the HEM table, with more modern design furniture.

As in other styles, Wood remains the protagonist. But you can also get that old effect with furniture that has paint stripped, such as this chair. You can not miss retro aesthetic lamps and, if you want to put a relaxing zone, break the classic line with a modern pouf like the one shown below.

Source: SKLUM

  1. ECLECTIC style, no fear of mixing!

Does the decoration you want for your business not come to be defined by any particular style? So, don’t hesitate to join the eclectic current. It is the one that finds inspiration in any trend and mixes what most likes of each style creating a space with personality, but maintaining a balance. Combines classic elements with more modern pieces. You will be able to make the decoration of your local your personal brand!

You can mix objects of different materials and different eras, for example the famous SPUTNIK metallic lamp with a wooden chair of contemporary design. Another challenge for your creativity is the mixture of colors, any combination that generates harmony is valid.

Source: SKLUM

Have you decided on the trend that is most akin to your business? Remember that a stylish décor is a guarantee of success. In SKLUM we know the importance of creating a modern and cozy space that attracts customers, so we bet on a furniture design and quality.