Dances: Learn More about Zumba

To have a healthy life requires three fundamental things: balanced diet, daily water consumption and also the frequency of physical exercise. Many people confuse exercising with only weight training or treadmill exercises, limiting themselves to the pretext that they do not like this type of training, forgetting that there are several ways to burn off excess calories daily.

Dancing is a type of exercise that can burn up to 1000 calories per hour that many times, it is such a pleasurable time that the benefits that a dance class can bring are forgotten. As well as localized exercises each type of dance is indicated for an amount of caloric expenditure or even define some part of the body, so this week the Best Fit blog will present you two types of dances that are super high: Zumba and Ballet.

Zumba is known for being a completely astral style, due to the Latin rhythm of merengue, reggaeton, pop, cumbia, mambo, salsa, salsaton, flamenco, rumba and calypso that is used to wrap the body in a relaxed and energetic movement. The best-known Latin fitness style of the moment was made to increase calorie production, totally tone the body and burn fat. If it’s your principles to look for this type of dance, start your zumba classes!

To attend Zumba classes you need clothes that will make your body completely comfortable that do not slip through your body or lose your shape during dance practice. Look for pants that do not cause muscle fatigue,leggings that allow your body to breathe and also that favor your movements. The following is technical information for you to know everything you need about this type of aerobic exercise.

Dance type: Zumba

Calorie expenditure: Up to 1000 calories per hour.

Suitable for: Increase calorie production, total body toning and burn fat.

Style: Various Latin rhythms, individual dance