Cyanogenmod Encrypts Your Messages Now by Default

Secure exchange of messages with encryption from your phone to the recipient’s default in CyanogenMod 10.2. An extraordinarily interesting actions.

Cyanogen, the driving forces behind the CyanogenMod Android-based operating system has just announced that their users will soon be able to benefit from secure, encrypted text messages without even having to do something active.

Cyanogen has made an agreement with Open Whisper Systems which make open source applications to ensure text messages and calls. The chic is in this context that the encryption embedded directly in the CyanogenMod firmware and all users of CyanogenMod (or Open Whisper Systems program TextSecure) will automatically be encrypted their messages-whether sent text messages or use a third-party messaging application like WhatsApp.

Large user base

The 10 million known users of CyanogenMod from version 10.2 can benefit from the secure end-to-end encryption. Users can, however, choose not to participate in the statistics and it is presumed, therefore, that the CyanogenMod can have up to 30 million users. The Director also tells that we want to fight Windows Phone as the third largest mobile operating system.

Existing message applications have their own encryption, however, often with disabilities. Open Whisper Systems are considered to have the highest standards and make, among other things, a new encryption key for each message, even if a key is compromised, it can therefore only be used to read a single message.

Damn good Egon

Of course works best if all encrypted messages using it, still kept a bit back since CyanogenMod installation process can at times be difficult for general users.

Personally, I have been of the opinion that CyanogenMod gradually had become too large and commercial, but the law is the law and this action gives them a huge plus in my little black book.

A representative for Cyanogen also tells that “If the former competition went on specifications, the current on camera quality, so we’d like to see that the next went on to protect its users in the best possible way. If this means that we challenge the large, existing systems or just feed them with ideas for their own implementation, so WINS users. ”

If you do not have the courage to try CyanogenMod, so is TextSecure is already available as Android application and working to finalise a version for iOS.