Crystallized Sunglasses Summer

When it comes to sunglasses it is always great to see the various proposals that the designers have in Serb for us. Today begins a guide to choosing sunglasses for summer 2009. Since fashion is a new site, we have the luxury of being extravagant and start with sunglasses crystallized, ie glasses with rhinestones, gems and crystals!

Sunglasses we are discussing today are real glasses jewelry, luxury has no borders and that we know well, but the glasses glam are new for me too! These glasses have obviously exorbitant prices, especially some models, but in any case are so beautiful that it is already a pleasure to watch them!

Let’s start off by my preriti that are signed Dolce & Gabbana, the designers this time have won the prize of the most beautiful, as often happens these glasses are distributed in limited edition and have about two rods bezels and 24 rhinestones, all the tones of purple, pink and fuchsia.

Among the more eccentric he is placed glasses Moschino, cat model in pink skocking with colored gemstones, also Givenchy no joke, his glasses have the temples set with beautiful cabochon stones.

Also very nice sunglasses with pearl floral motif swaroski proposed by Christian Dior, these feminine and chic but not too exaggerated!

Which you prefer? I unfortunately I was burnt out by Dolce & Gabbana… and certainly without sunglasses !!