Crystal Jewelry Decoration for Your Wedding

If you have a true passion for crafts and delicate things, you may want to prepare your wedding decoration yourself – or part of it. The advantage of handcrafted or self-made decor is the price – since this option can be up to 60% cheaper, perfect for those with limited budget.

Check out some ideas below and make your own wedding preparations yourself!

Ornaments With Pine Cones For The Table

These pine cones, common in Brazil from the spring, when they begin to fall from the pine trees, are free if you want to get yourself in the wild, or very cheap, if purchased at craft stores.

They are also used in Christmas decoration. In the decoration of your wedding, they can be used to mark the place of each guest at the table at the reception. In addition, they are very charming – ideal for weddings in autumn or winter or for rustic and country themed.

Bouquet With Applications

The bouquet need not be simple and unobtrusive. With a colorful satin ribbon and an accessory with crystals or rhinestones, you can surprise the guests . Here at Allcitycodes you can get more different models and styles. Simply enclose the flowers with a thicker ribbon and create a tie-like knot on the flowers or on the side.

The accessory can be anything – made especially for the bouquet or not. A simple catch is enough to hold it to the bouquet. If you do not have the skills to make the costume jewelry or if your wedding will have a vintage theme, you can apply a cameo or antique brooch to finish the production of the bouquet.

Laced Invitation

Your wedding invitation you can have on the paper with thicker paper to make it look old – even recycled paper (home-made, with onion peel, for example) can give vintage air to the invitation.

The great detail will be the piece of income (which you can buy in a haberdashery). To close, insert a pearl and seal it with a satin ribbon.

Folded Ornaments

Vintage themes and simpler parties come to life with these ornaments made of folding and buttons. They serve to decorate the table, the towel or the walls. You can buy medium-weight decorated papers (neither thin nor thick).

Cut them into a larger circle by cutting a small circle in the center, and making a definite side cut. Fold it like a fan into a smaller single circle, and glue the ends together. Finish with the kerchief by pushing a button. Enjoy the paper and also make origami with other formats.

Invitation In Fan Format

This needs to be done with the help of the computer (and a program like Corel Draw, for example). A modern fan with strong colors (which can even serve as a fan even on hot days).

The detail is on the black bow. The invitation is ideal for weddings with Oriental or Hawaiian theme , or even held on a summer night, for example.

Glossy Envelopes

The envelopes of your invitation can look very glamorous if you insert glitter with special glue inside it. Many envelopes can be purchased only folded (no glue in the seams). This makes it easy to customize them. When you open the invitation, the guest will have a wonderful surprise! Abuse creativity and make it yourself!

Cone Of Sweetness

A plastic cone with chocolate powder and marshmallows is perfect to deliver as a keepsake. The guest can use on a colder day, to relax.

Besides this cone or tube made of plastic, you can adapt it in glass jars or cans. The label you make on the computer and closes with a ribbon bow. A charm!