Cross Through Lower Saxony #6

Also on this Saturday, the last day of our Meinniedersachsen men’s trip, we had to get out of bed again in order to have breakfast and to prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. Because there was not as much on the program as the past days, the one or the other program point we still had. But of course we had the day calmly started.

Breakfast At The Ritz-Carlton

As guests of the 4th floor, we had the possibility to have breakfast in the club lounge, which would certainly not be bad, but then we decided in the “normal” breakfast room for breakfast. And that was certainly not the worst choice, considering the huge selection of food. First we were directed to our place, where we could give up our wishes for coffee and co., Afterwards the breakfast buffet was at our free disposal.

And here there was nothing that did not exist. Starting with all sorts of rolls, bread and toasts, followed by croissants, croissants, donuts and more at Franciscogardening, just to mention the possibilities for the various jam and honey. Apart from these, there were also various antipasti, tomato mozzarella, soft cheese as well as various fish specialties. If you want something warm, you could go back to scrambled eggs, bacon and Nuremberg sausages and if you want a different egg, the kitchen also prepares.

But also yogurt, fruits and at least nine kinds of muesli, which I counted, gave it at the buffet. If you do not find anything here, my opinion is not enough elsewhere. At least I wanted a second and third breakfast on this day, but at some point the body does not make any more. At least a lunch and dinner should still follow, but the next program point was on our plan: Autostadt.

Explore Autostadt-An Adventure In Itself

If you think of Wolfsburg, you think of Volkswagen and thus somehow also immediately to the Autostadt. At least I have always been so, when Wolfsburg was hanging in the room. And on the spot, this image has been confirmed for me and my wife, the Autostadt is an important part of Wolfsburg and Volkswagen. Behind it lies a forum for mobility and innovation of the Volkswagen Group, which is devoted to the automobile in an unusual way.

As a visitor, one can not expect an Automuseum, which contains a few exhibits as well as related Infotexten. Already at the guiding principle “People, cars and what moves them” can be guessed that more hidden behind the Autostadt. This is not only a classic way of dealing with the car itself, but also about design, art, culture, architecture and science with the topic of mobility, without placing the actual automobile in the foreground.

We were allowed to experience this in a well two-hour guided tour through the Autostadt itself, whereby it should be noted that the two hours are just enough to get a rough overview. There are, for example, guided tours, which alone deal with two hours with a certain area such as art, design or culture in the Autostadt. As a small entrance in advance, in the Autostadt itself, there are about 600 works of art by various artists

These are spread over a total of 28 hectares of gentle hills and lakes, combined with exceptional architecture and design-to compare this huge area with a soccer field, a good 40 football fields match this area. Unbelievable, is not it?

Within the framework of our leadership, we looked more closely at two areas: the first was Investor Relations. In this one, visitors get a good insight into the VW group and how this is in the business world. Through numerous short films, interaction possibilities and exhibits, one can playfully approach Volkswagen.

For me, the interactive map was particularly fascinating, which has deepened deeper and deeper from the global production plants, through their suppliers, to the German sites, then to Wolfsburg and the production there. The whole appropriately animated and extremely handsome designed, also times a way to present rather dry facts.

The next stop of our tour was the so-called level green, which visualizes the idea of ​​sustainability and is regularly adjusted on the basis of current figures. At this level, the Autostadt is dedicated to the question of what sustainability really means to the individual and how to influence the nature and the world through conscious action and not to harm us.

An interesting example of this was the figurative equation that a banana is equivalent to 150 liters of water, which must be applied so that we can eat them at all. What can be done here as an individual?Do not eat a banana or simply take care that you eat certified bananas, which ensure that the cultivation is controlled without unnecessary resources. A question that everyone must answer for themselves.

Directly from the Level Green, it was in the panoramic cinema of the Autostadt, which had a 120° screen and a sound system developed by the Frauenhofer Institute. Very impressive, as the four sequences of the series Autoland DE were presented there. The suggestion that we could get such a room also for home was unfortunately rejected. Do not understand why.

Of course, the tour of the Autostadt was not without a visit to the two car towers, which are the landmarks of the Autostadt and the camp for 800 new cars. These are fully automated, 48-meter-high cylindrical, high-bay bearings, which are almost majestic above the Autostadt. The fully glazed steel skeleton construction allows insights into its interior.

In the meantime, one of the two towers is also accessible and you can see from the vicinity, as the vehicles are inserted or removed.Two elevators are responsible for this, each of which covers 180 °, which transports the vehicles, for example, from the high-rack storage and unloads them onto a conveyor belt, which transports the automobile directly into the collection center of the Autostadt.

The possibility is also very ingenious that you can sit in a kind of glassy room which, when the elevator is idle, transports it to the 20th level of the AutoTurm. From there, you can step onto a small platform to take a view of the Autostadt from the top. In addition, you get from first hand, how it feels for the cars to feel transported in these two towers up and down.

The end of the tour took us past the eight brand pavilions of the Autostadt, meaning that each brand of the company has its own building, which represents the vehicles of this brand. But here, too, the Autostadt does not only focus on the exhibition of the vehicles.Rather, one has tried to let the background, stories, influences of the brand, etc… into the buildings themselves.

Thus, the Porsche pavilion from the outside reminds a little of the contour of a Porsche engine hood, the material aluminum used for this is also used in the vehicles on the road. After the inclusion in the VW group, the pavilion was placed almost directly between the VW PKW Pavilion and the VW Commercial Vehicle Pavilion, in order to clearly visualize the close ties between the two brands. Many small details, which would have escaped us without our tour guide.

A further detail, which has already caught our attention at the entrance to the Ritz-Carlton, where we have not thought of anything, was the different nature of the feeder road. So you can not compare this with a classic road. Rather, this is itself a journey through time and, through various sections, chronologically, the history of road construction. Just genius!

A guide through the Autostadt I can only recommend, since you can still learn a lot, which would otherwise not be noticed. We finished our tour with a visit to the Premium Clubhouse, where three exhibits were displayed, which, besides the building, were a premium. There is a neon installation by Anselm Reyle, a textile wall sculpture by Peter Zimmermann and my personal highlight a mirrored Bugatti Veyron. In this version unfortunately not registered on the German road, otherwise I would certainly have driven with this home.

On The Road With The Touareg

After so much theory, within the framework of the leadership, it was now time again to be a little active. For this, the three-hour trip with the Touareg was just right. There you will learn how to use a four-wheel drive when climbing a staircase, how to get a touareg through water trenches and how to give the woman a headache when driving on oblique curves.

But so completely unprepared we were then not to the over one kilometer long terrain course. A driving instructor, who was also very friendly and, if necessary, soothing, drove with us the first round over stair steps, a seesaw or a hill with a 60 per cent slope.Of course with appropriate casualness and always a loose saying on the lips. At this point, the whole thing looked extremely simple. No way!

After the first round, it was then self-driving. Water trench no problem, only ensure that the landing gear is adjusted accordingly high. The first climb was also quite possible. But then it was about to cross different concrete formations, which was very difficult by the fact that you did not know the vehicle, secondly because you saw almost nothing. But we also managed that together.

After a further obstacle, we came to the first slant, which had caused me as a passenger more worries than drivers. Certainly, this impression is due to the fact that as a driver, you have a little more influence on the vehicle and therefore feels a certain sense of safety. The 60% gradient was then something special, but also a supposedly small hill with bulges and sloops, again demanded the nerves.

Here, however, showed that a good instructor helps over every obstacle, and if it is only through a casual conversation, which distracts one too much from thinking. Shortly before the end came a few tree trunks which I had chosen as lightest exercise, in the first round of our trip.

Due to the fact that the tires of the Touareg were only punctuated by the trunks, the crossover was anything but a children’s game. We had managed it, and both I and my wife were delighted when the Touareg was back in his parking lot.

Still, I can say one thing that I would definitely do again. It was just exciting, challenging and a different way to drive a car. A ride with the Touareg or Amarok over the terrain parcour is certainly also a good gift idea for men, right?

Relax Again Before The Men’s Journey Comes To An End

What would be better than once again to visit the spa area of ​​the Ritz-Carlton, this I had already extensively tested on the Friday evening and was very enthusiastic, therefore it was Saturday at the time also the woman for it to inspire. Especially nice at the spa area, I find that this is not visible from everywhere and you have a certain peace and seclusion.

The only area you can see clearly from the 4th floor is the swimming pool in the harbor basin. This is surrounded by three Bauminseln actually directly in the harbor basin and thus quasi between Kraftwerk and Ritz-Carlton, which in itself is a clear contrast. The pool itself waits with a constant water temperature of 29°C. Speak, even if it is a little cooler outside, one does not freeze in the pool itself.

Next to the pool there are two steam baths and two saunas, divided into a ladies’ and a mixed area, where you can relax. If you do not want to relax with it, you can have a bit of fun in the fitness area with modern training equipment. For me was then but rather relaxing.

And in the form of a head/foot massage-a good 60 minutes I could simply switch off my head and relax. You can get all the tensions-just the last three town tours-get massaged, it does not get any better. And the massage was definitely the right conclusion for our tour of Lower Saxony, as you could relax again. In addition to massages, the spa area of ​​the Ritz-Carlton offers further treatments, which you can look at when you are interested in thespa menus .

Dinner At Beefclub-Steak Full!

To end the men’s trip through Lower Saxony, of course, there had to be a “real” men’s diet. Therefore, a visit of the BeefClub in the Autostadt was on the agenda. But do not worry, not only for steak lovers, there is something on the menu, as also fish or seafood are found on this as well as dishes from the grill. The menu of the restaurant is quite clear, which in this case is a sign of quality.

For example, BeefClub only offers beef, which comes exclusively from German organic farms and whose origin is completely traceable. In addition, the focus is on high-quality dishes made from the best ingredients, therefore the reduction to a few dishes. I was particularly interested in the fact that there is an overview of the producers and suppliers directly in the menu.

But the BeefClub also impresses with its ambiance, which is characterized by bronze-colored mirror elements, dark wall paints and noble wooden surfaces complemented by warm reds. And right after entering the BeefClub you meet the aperitif bar of the restaurant, where Gin and Tonic meet. A total of fifteen different varieties of the classic are available, the focus is on the taste experience, which is actively shaped as a guest. According to your own preferences, you can opt for a floral, fruity, sweet, spicy or classic tart gin. Responsible for the taste are besides juniper for example fruits, herbs or spices.

But now back to the food to choose from are different beef steaks, in different quality and weights – my favorite for the evening, a dry-age beef was unfortunately no longer in stock, pity actually, because the meat ripet we have seen, in which up to eight Weeks the dry-age beef is refined according to traditional methods.

Also the alternative was not bad, because I had relatively quickly decided for a beef steak from the beef – from where else, French fries and Mediterranean herb butter. With the meat, of course, care was taken that quality and quantity matched and the 200 grams have definitely given! For the woman there was fried chicken breast with grilled vegetables and fries, also looked quite neat.

We saved the Gin at the BeefClub. Late in the evening there was a Vanilla Sky as a replacement for the Newman’s Bar at the Ritz-Carlton. This is a green tea infused vodka, lime juice, lauder sugar and vanilla syrup-nicely dressed with fresh vanilla and a strawberry. Was tasted very tasty and is on my favorite list, if we should be able to enjoy the time to stop at the Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg.

A Small Conclusion To The Men’s Journey In Lower Saxony

After about a week the men’s journey through Lower Saxony has come to an end. On the one hand, I’m glad about it, since four or five activities/events are very demanding on the day, on the other hand I miss a little. Because you have learned many new things, people and attractions that you would not have encountered during a “normal” holiday.

One thing, however, can be said in any case that it was a lot of fun to travel a week cruising through Lower Saxony and exploring the state. For me above all, it has been shown that holidays does not always have to be connected with flies, let alone abroad. Also vacation in the own country is nice, if one is on it and tries to collect new impressions.