Cropped Jackets for the Winter

Cropped-jacket is classic trend.

There are pieces of clothing from all over the world should have in your closet. Not many who fall well with almost all kinds of styles, clothes and people, but the leather jackets type “cropped”, which are nothing more than the biker style, go well the various occasions and looks. This article as well known in fashion is one of the major trends of the last two winters and, in 2012, she does not lose strength.

The model is fairly stripped down and it is possible to compose looks well tidy, comfortable and modern. The jacket style “cropped” is one of the darlings of celebrities, both of the men, as women. For them, with jeans, white t-shirt and sneakers are fine. For them, with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, and more.

She can present itself in many ways, materials, cuts, colors and sizes. Now, it is called “mini cropped”, which is a super short jacket from Directoryaah, she is more or less at the time of the ribs. The model is great for use on long or short dresses and blouses combinations with long skirts or pants.

The “cropped” is a classic piece that you invest once the purchase and will be able to use for many, many years. Her design does not change in essence, the “cropped” can only receive new details or varied colors and textures, but the basis of it will always be the same. This is a great piece for the cold days not too intense, because the leather is waterproof, but does not heat up as much as the cardigans or fibers.Use it in the transition from fall to winter and then, during the spring.