Creeping Summer Sandals: Pictures and Models

Creeping sandals or flats are also known as promise to leave the summer 2011 with a colorful touch and quite happy. Rasterias Sandals as well as super gracious let their feet extremely comfortable and can be used at any time of your day. The flat Sandals really has to face the summer mainly for your lightness.

The companies are betting on new models and making the creeping sandals with various materials and details that make the piece even more interesting. Every collection footwear appear far more sophisticated and full of style to meet the needs of the most demanding woman who is in search of comfort and elegance but not give up the comfort of the shoes without heels.

In, creeping sandals or flats for summer 2011, full of new and very different models, many strips of leather, studs, metal flowers and rustic materials like straw and jute. The Gladiator sandal that was hit last summer, reappears in the next station dictating again the trend that both pleased!

Another trend for 2011 are type Sandals flats go with any look, ideal for very hot days. The color palette appears quite democratic and strolling by the shade of nude until the colors more vibrant, cheerful and citrus.