Creative Lamps With LED Bulbs

Resistant and economical, LED bulbs are a great alternative to both indoor and outdoor lighting. Hometeka is a fan of this technology and we’ve talked about its features and advantages in this link .

With this in mind, we have separated some curious luminaires that can be equipped with LEDs to get you to know a little more and get inspired, as well as Gaya products that can help those who want to use this type of lighting.

Mario Brothers Themed Lego

Inspired by the famous Mario game and made manually with lego, the Mario Brothers themed Lego luminaire can also be used to hold keys and other objects.It has the LED lamp as one of its materials, which allows to define, through a remote control, different colors and light intensities. So you can adjust it in the most appropriate way to your environment and make it more fun with this colorful and functional lamp.

Cracked Log

Signed by designer Duncan Meerding, the Cracked Log luminaire is a fine example of wood reuse. Made with wood logs that would be burned, it is proof that it is possible to make a material simple and at first coarse in an elegant and delicate object. To enhance the sustainable character of the luminaire, equipping it with an LED bulb may be a good option.

The Cloud

The Cloud is a luminaire that, in addition to lighting, can play music via Bluetooth. It was developed by Richard Clarkson Studio and can vary in size according to the amount of hypoallergenic felt used as a coating. In addition, it is equipped with LED lamps, and can be regulated by a remote control or by promoting an interactive experience through motion sensors.


The table lamp developed by the company Abyss is coated with polycarbonate and thanks to its segmented construction, it has great flexibility and can be shaped in different ways. In addition, its LED lamps promote clear and durable lighting.


The Gaya offers interesting options of LED luminaires made with different materials, catering to varied styles and tastes and ensuring a quality and ecologically friendly lighting. Be sure to check out the complete product cataloghere at Hometeka.

Good lighting can make a big difference in an environment, and in the case of LEDs, this difference is harnessed not only in the aesthetic aspect but also economically and ecologically speaking. So, how about adhering to this technology?