Cover for iPhone, The Most Fashion Models

The world of cover for iPhone sees especially the most fashion brands create unique creations every year and absolutely inimitable, enclosures in different materials traversed by fantasies and glamorous applications. Many brands that reproduce along their models with directional design that also mark the bags and heads of the trendiest clothes of the moment, but they are not few who are ready to dare creating highly original articles and over the top.

The cover designer

The cover for iPhone are very popular accessories by women all over the world, therefore the specialized brand in the industry offering every year a very special variant, perfect for adding a more original touch to the rest of the look. Bring on the catwalk even during Milan Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2016, the cover Dolce & Gabbana put on display by the models ready to click a selfie during the parade are designed with painted prints that reaffirm the love of the two designers for Sicily, but also in forms that mimic those of handbag complete with a shoulder strap or golden metal mesh with jewel applications.

Art Prints multicolor models for Marc Jacobs and Lanvin, while brands like Recover Abalone offer enclosures in fashion colors of 2016, the Rose quartz and blue Serenity, applied to models from the effect marble or chic leather.

The original cover

But as I looked forward, not lacking in the new collections far more eccentric and extravagant models, dedicated only to the most hardened fashionistas. Karl Lagerfeld takes to the cover of the collection Fendi his own profile in cartoony style surrounded by shaped inserts of studs, while Stella McCartney rewards enclosures shaped lips in pop-art style.

Cover in the form of ice cream for Tory Burch and Kate Spade, models in bright colors with multicolor inserts along the surface. Rebecca Minkoff tip instead of the most elegant variants laminate metal, also in this case with the application of studs along the profiles, while brands like Zero Gravity have designed cover that mimic the shape of a box set for make-up with a lot of eye shadows and brushes.

Moschino this year seems to herald the world of consumerism carrying bags and accessories inspired by the most purchased products, so space in its collection to cover in the shape of cigarette packages and models that mimic the shape of a dish detergent. In short, the designer proposals are always the most original, what is the perfect model for you?