Community of Providers of Physical Activity and Sports

Many older people, relatives and children in residential areas, sport and exercise too little. To counter this will give municipalities financial capacity to designate “community sports leader. These buses are intended to familiarize people with clubs and encourage them to participate in organized activities.

Table of contents

  • Why was chosen for neighborhood sports coach
  • What is a community sports coach
  • What is the purpose of Government
  • What activities are being developed
  • The mid-term review

Why was chosen for neighborhood sports coach

The use of combination features in and around the school and sports clubs had succeeded, and that is why in 2012 of the Ministry decided to realize more combination features that even more people can get exercise and move around. The municipalities are asked whether they want to participate in the new project with buses. These new features? the neighbouring sports leader?? mentioned. The coaches are deployed along the existing targets in the areas of education, sports and culture, to better connect with the sports sector to other sectors such as:

  • Care
  • Welfare
  • Babysitter
  • Youth care
  • Business

The Government sets a fixed amount for this function? 50.000,-per FTE fixed and the municipality receives this?? 20000-is paid by the State. Municipalities involved will be expected to make an effort to engage the community sports leaders. The commitment of the buses are also conducted under the authority of these municipalities.

What is a community sports coach

Community sports coach is a combination of official sport and physical activity in neighborhood organizing and allows connection to the aforementioned sectors. This coach is employed by an employer but utilized for two sectors in order to connect to it, and based on a rigorous analysis examines whether there are enough the entire exercise and moved. Because the coach has the following competencies are requested as an example:

  • To understand the environment
  • Organize
  • Professional
  • The interest of the target groups

To set the sport well together, the municipality is often a community sports leader with a coordinating role. Community sports coaches will be working with a diversity of people. Terrain sport can be combined with the sectors, for example as:

  • Education
  • Older
  • Care
  • District

What is the purpose of Government

The aim is to let more people in sport and exercise. This can be done by more people join a sports club or that people no longer sport and physical activity in schools or neighborhoods.
Among the objectives is also seen, strengthen associations generate links between organizations in different sectors, and young people have become familiar with one or more art or cultural forms.

What activities are being developed

Community sports coach development activities in various fields. They have an important role in coordinating, connect, organize, and carry out the various activities. They will also be a catalyst for motivating the target group to participate in operations. A number of activities are carried out by some of the local sports coaches:

  • To give the sport in school.
  • Collecting sports organizing 55 +.
  • Sports activities aimed at coordinating vitality.
  • Give the subject sport afternoons and health measures.
  • Support various activities the schools.
  • Provide information about the activities
  • Encourage more movement area and social ladder.
  • Implement projects for seniors and people with disabilities.
  • Develop school activities
  • Coaching group teacher.
  • Serve on working groups to promote sports disabled

The mid-term review

By 2014 an evaluation mandated by the Ministry. Make 378 communes along with neighbouring 2850 full-time equivalent. The purpose of the 2900 FTEs thus almost achieved.
Buurtsport Coaches are increasingly incorporated into local structures and they now know what is expected of them. Sports organisations with a society’s sports official is involved, there is a substantial increase in the provision of sports and recreational activities. The increase is also visible in other relevant organisations such as health and welfare. At the same time, there has been a broadening of engagement managers as evidenced by the greater diversity of industries and target groups.
One concern is that a great change from the traditional sectors and target groups to new sectors and target groups not yet taking place. This takes time and extra attention locally.