Combining The Casual With The Social Fashion

In these times in which the style is above the strict rules menswear, combining the social with the casual attire can be a good way to create blockbuster looks. Who’s not afraid of risk can generate an infinite number of mixtures and, in addition, create a personal image striking and sophisticated.

Let’s take a look at some looks and see what we are taught:

Picture top-tie and vest are pieces of a traditional social costume, that’s where the shirt in chambray (or chambray) and changes everything. To accompany this combo is worth a dark jeans or denim and a brogue or a very light and simple sneakers on his feet.

Above we have a good example of a costume which turned into casual in a blink of an eye: the jacket or blazer, enters a nylon jacket, but not just any, the choice was for a piece cut and just not contrasted with the trim from the rest of the clothes. The bag in place of an Executive also gave a folder helps, though informal, is the visual type accepted in some companies not so fixed.

Colors and patterns can also transform your casual look. The combination above left the cheap clothes without appeal to any kind of more relaxed attire. This is the kind of effect achieved by men that has security in coordinating colors and patterns, not afraid to dare. Replace the jacket for a brown leather jacket and the visual bold and elegant continues.

One of my favorite pictures, shows what a simple piece can do for your image. Imagine going to work with the full costume, at the end of the day, a date or a happy hour, change the blazer for a Cardigan like this and get ready for fun!

Another amazing example: almost all formal, but incredibly casual and elegant at the same time! The black costume and serious but with well cut crisp was light and breezy thanks to shirt and checkerboard of the shoe. In fact this shoe could also take place, for example, to a slip of Vans checkerboard, too.

Another ball of time: a nylon jacket to break the classic air, besides the bold color combinations where the blue gives the immediate contrast with the Orange pants, tie harmonizes with the traditional window pane pattern jacket. If the corduroy pants is very striking for your taste, you can replace it by a chino or even jeans.

Again the vest and jeans showing it’s possible two styles walking side by side. The return of the tie by a handkerchief also helped, but boys might think is a bit affected, in this case, swap with a tie and close the shirt up.Want to change even more. Try a bow tie!

Two items here turn the combo: the Plaid Shirt and bracelet of wooden beads. This last deserves attention anyway little was said about this kind of accessory, but I think it’s valid as long as it’s not anything too extreme, I believe even that gives a charm. Another important detail is the fact that the suit be gray, secure territory for those who do not get along with the chromatic circle, in other items, blue, blue and more blue, with a little bit of red, i.e. the sophistication is in the combination of clothes, not the colors. The Cardigan is also not there for nothing, play very well the look by preventing the shirt call too much attention.