Coco Chanel Fashion Style Quote

“Fashion fades, only style remains”. 45 years after the disappearance of the great Coco Chanel, this quote of his own still resonates as much. Because in terms of style, the designer knew radius. So we follow his precepts to the letter.

It is certainly the greatest dressmaker that France has ever known. Died at the age of 87 years, Coco Chanel (real name Gabrielle Chasnel) left us this French elegance that the world envies us.

So it was a modest merchant daughter showman and nothing predestined to such a career, she became in some years the epitome of elegance. Her Chanel, whose first store opened in 1910, is still one of the most popular in the world of Haute Couture. Here are some of its rules, always timeless.

1- “Simplicity is the key to elegance”

This is the rule that surpasses all others and that is the peculiarity of the French style. To stay chic in all circumstances, the focus primarily on sobriety. An absolute command that can never make missteps.


2 “Before you leave home, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”

It’s ingenious and infallible trick of Coco Chanel to be certain never to do too much. Because it only takes one accessory to give the impression of an overloaded look, we stop for a moment and the superfluous is removed.

3 “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”

Another set that should not be overlooked: the cut. As rightly emphasizes the iconic Coco, style is primarily a balance of both materials as shapes and colors. And before cracking it therefore ensures that the chosen dress is perfect for her figure.

4 “If a woman is badly dressed, we see her dress, but if she is impeccably dressed, she is one notices”

This is what awaits you if you do not follow the precepts of the female pope of fashion. Coco, a poorly dressed woman will never be noticed for what it really is. Instead focus on your qualities, you will only highlight your lack of style …

5 “Fashion fades, only style remains”

If you have a doubt about the elegance of a very trendy model, leave it aside. When this kind of question is that it is usually a mistake.

6 “The most beautiful color in the world is the one that fits you well”

Have style, but also to trust. As regards the color is the same. If a color is fashionable but you think it is not right for you, then forget it. As outlined miss Chanel, the most beautiful color in the world is the one that puts you in value. His favorite colors were black and white (or absence of color as she liked to recall with humor). Simplicity always.

7 “It’s always good to be lightly dressed informally”

If the pieces like coats or shoes need to be always sophisticated, the rest of the outfit, it can afford a more casual style, more informal. Remember that the same style “casual”, it’s working.

8 “A woman with beautiful shoes is never ugly”

You do not have sewing bag? No problem, as long as you wear beautiful shoes. This is priceless, no, but height. Coco, heels are essential. Modesque his punchline: “Keep heels, head and standards high.”

9 “A woman should be two things: classic and fabulous”

Classic does not mean boring. Construct her look piece by piece, with consistency and elegance, that’s also the style.

10 “A woman without a perfume is a woman without a future”

And you, did you find the fragrance that suits you and make your unforgettable wake?