Coats and Shoes What with What and When?

We’ve grown accustomed to the real winter comes some time with Martin on a white horse, and the term “white snowy Christmas” are not used for several years. So far we could go in lighter coats and even sneakers. Temperatures were above freezing on winter we just read in magazines and snow glimpsed only in the Christmas American film and in our Cinderella. But the temperatures begin to fall and we await the company until March coats and high boots. Sneakers and pumps, which will be enough to date, clean and put into boxes where they will rest until spring. So if you do not have the right winter boots, now is a good time to get one. What about at Deichmann? I have prepared three outfits selected three different coats / jackets and complement the footwear right from Justinshoes.

Parka and low lace-up boots

Parka. Perhaps nejnošenější jacket in our streets, which because of its popularity becomes a laughingstock. Because if it puts on a bunch of high school, which usually come in groups, they all look the same. But apart from that, this jacket is absolutely great and I swear it. The ideal is a classic military green or khaki color. If you buy one with a detachable thermal liner, you’ll be able to wear only in winter, but also in the fall or spring. You use it mainly over the weekend with his parents, at the cottage, on the playground or for a walk with children or when you will want to prepare too much and you’ll be in the mood for a simple casual look. Definitely do not wear it to work, if you go in costume or on a first date, and certainly not to the theater. Parka is a leisure thing, because it combine leisure with comfortable clothes and of course shoes. In spring and autumn wear it for sneakers in the winter to kozačkám or as I am in the photo with lace-up boots Landrover. With strong sole, these shoes are perfect for when you really freezing outside, and even getting wet do not worry. The advantage of khaki and military green is that for them it is as black as brown color, so it’s up to you which color to choose it.

Coat in the color of camel’s hair and high boots

Coat in the color of camel’s hair sings the fashion world each winter. Not surprisingly, as well as the white shirt you can wear it as a riflím a sweater and a stylish skirt and tank top, or even dress for prom or the theater. You will always be in style. This coat is not subject to trends, so you pay to invest. I’m yours for the fifth year and still serves me well. This camel color, choose black or brown boots, over the knee one will come in handy, and the narrow jeans or knee-length skirt. If you’re dressed trends Culottes, choose Tracing boots on the heel. If you find a combination of black and brown high boots and a camel coat dull, try to get him to take the red, turquoise or pink purse. Unlike black coat with distinctive colors which operates cheaply, on a brown background, these colors stand out nicely vice versa.

Coat and ankle boots

Are you a lover of extravagance, or are you just happy to keep warm? In this case, you already hanging in the closet certainly some that artificial or real fur. This trend dominated the pier, in the streets but “Chlupac” see scarce. It’s a shame, because such a hairy piece looks perfect, warm and yes, you apart from the crowd. In stores in addition to natural colors such as brown, black, gray and white and color, see, or even multi-colored pieces. You can either lace up boots over the knee or ankle boots heel . Believe that you will at all envious rotate. Put your head on a hat over his chest hang crossbody purse and go to work for a coffee with a friend, stroll through the city or a date with your beloved. This combination is also useful during evening hours!