Classic Coats: Check Out Looks

Winter has arrived and it’s time to ride looks out of House beautiful and protected. For that, a good tip is to bet on the classic coats! Some jackets never go out of fashion, are easy to find and cheap. Although trends are easy to use, the classic style is timeless and definitely hard to miss, especially in winter when the use of colors and models is limited. Check out this article looks with classical models of jackets and how to use them in everyday life, Visual simple and beautiful riding for both day and night.


1.Bet on famous trench coat. The trench coat model was made for days of very cold and much rain as it is warm and protects the body. It is very easy to combine both with formal looks as the most casual and the tip is to use them with high boots. As the Trench coat is bulky, try to use it with basic clothing and fairer, so that it is the main element of the look. It can be used with caps in a more casual look or over a blazer to form a visual form.

  1. Bet on the blazers. The blazers were hot trend among women and can be used with virtually any set. The blazer is essentially a formal piece that passes the image of power and discipline, but can easily be used in an informal look using blazers in colors and more stripped. For occasions where it is required a more discreet, bet on the classic black blazer with a simple high heels and small cloutch, in the same color in a meeting with friends or family, the blazer may be worn with a shirt in pastel and a looser jeans accompanied by a Sandals, for example.
  2. In doubt, use jackets. Jackets are the type of coat best known for your versatility and simplicity. There are various options on the market and the best tip is to opt for basic models, so they can be better combined with several different parts. One of the jackets, the leather is the best known and which best protects from the cold. By having a footprint more rock, use with urban parts in more casual looks. Another model is the denim jacket, which can be found at affordable prices and combines with any kind of formal or casual look.