Chromecast Unstoppable: Already Is The Second Most Popular Streaming Device in The United States. UU

The Chromecast is a simple device, which hardly requires configuration or learn how to use it, and he didn’t is sold for a price more than adjusted. This combination of benefits is doing to that little gadget will grow more and more in popularity, and in fact has already become in the second most popular streaming device in the United States.

The data are all last year, and are given by a market study in which Parks Associates accounted for 86% of streaming devices sold in that country. The unbeatable Roku is located in first position with 34%, while Google and its Chromecast are in second position with 23%.

The competition has it increasingly difficult

We are not aware of are great these data of Roku and Google until we check the scale of the two companies that follow them in the list, which are none other than a few Amazon and Apple, which compete with their proposals for the third and fourth place.

Consolidation of these four companies in the field of streaming is being so difficult to competition. Barbara Kraus, Director of research, says that to compete with these brand new contenders will need to work much more adding to their devices more creative and functional features.

But this study not only speaks of the best-selling devices, but also of the most used. In this case Roku and Chromecast remain the most used with 37% and 19% respectively, while the Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV are changed positions with 17% for the first and 14% for the online store.

Here in Spain at the moment we don’t have any facts on this type of device, and I would even say that moment they are not as popular as in North America. Do you use any streaming device? Which of them do you use and why?