Christmas Mobile Traditions

December is the month in which your phone in earnest will be put into use. It has gained Telia and the market research firm YouGov to take a closer look at what it really is we use our phone to.

Not surprisingly, it is one of the more controversial issues, such as the investigation takes the hole at first. The Danish Christmas lunch, which in some cases is a tour de force in drinking, adultery and scandals, is one of the things we don’t want shared on the cell phone.

29 percent of those polled think absolutely not, that their party evening should be shared through phone and social media. A trend that is most common among men, and at the same time increases with age.
And finally, if there is an acceptance of the recordings, so restricting it to early evening.

The photograph we
However, there are many other things to plunk loose of, and the list of the most popular motifs are divided into the following way:

1. Christmas decoration and Christmas tree
2. Weather/landscape/nature
3. Other members of the family
4. My children
5. Christmas gifts and unpacking

Mobile phone’s built-in camera has become so popular that it has overtaken the traditional camera. In fact, says half of the Danes that they today takes many more Christmas pictures with their mobile compared the conventional camera.

SMS messages on return

Technological development has, however, meant that we at Telia experienced a decrease in the sent SMS messages last year.
December is traditionally a very active month for mobile traffic. Not least the julefrokost days-and, of course, on Christmas Eve. Last year, however, we registered a decrease of 12% in the number of sent SMS messages on the Christmas Eve, which we interpret as that several Christmas greetings and gift photos sent via Facebook and Twitter. So it will be interesting to see if the trend continues this year, “says Communications Director Mette Honoré from Telia Mobility.

Selfies not in top 5

Although selfies is a topical issue, so it is not so widespread, that it can compete with the top 5 list. And even though we often accuse the very young to be self-centered, so it is actually in the age group 18-34 years, that even the portrait is most popular.

Men are more pleased, incidentally, to show pictures of their girlfriends or wives than vice versa. Whether it is due to the fact that very few men are particularly photogenic after a month of Christmas food, shall we let the individual assess themselves.