Christian Dior Spring-Summer

A lush and colorful forest put on notice to attendees, RAF Simons I wanted a wild and sophisticated spring in Christian Dior spring-summer 2014, and thus was announced the Rodin Museum, decorated for the occasion with a stranger at the same time that lovely garden.
As outputs of any documentary about tribes, the models endorsed the gateway to coup figures oversize and light fabrics which gave movement to the designs, very saturated colors.

The sophistication of the cut outs

There is no one like RAF Simons for a tendency to acquire a dimension never seen so far, and the exquisiteness of the openings in different clothes in this collection are a clear example of this.

The hyper-realism of Simons

“Hyperrealism in the daytime”or”Primrose Path”are some of the words that could read printed on skirts and dresses, a few” silk floral designs and scraps of the ever present black that invited to the optimism of spring day.

Back to college

School details flooded a large part of this collection, one, two and up to three passes shields occupy their posts in tops, jackets and sweaters, making the models seem to students at prestigious colleges and universities, such as newly outputs of the Most stylish Harvard.

Strong magnetism, the new Raf

After three seasons as a designer of Christian Dior, the Belgian has been more in this collection, impregnating it with its essence and good work, creating a magnetism-based acid garments and bi that, almost certainly, it will look Marion Cotillard dresses.