Christian Dior Autumn/Winter: Things Bill Gaytten

Without Galliano but with Bill Gaytten, the closest collaborator of the Gibraltarian fashion designer, Christian Dior presented his collection Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 in the Paris fashion week, specifically in the gardens of the Rodin Museum in Paris. A sample varied both in style, fabrics such as colors, but always with very feminine articles of clothing and the time with a touch avant-garde, in my opinion very successful.

Day dresses


The French firm has shown us several styles. We can see skirts type Bar a little fluffy and carved in silk, always below the knee, combined with short marked waist jackets. The same is true with this cut dresses, the common denominator is Mark waist.

The minimalist style We can check out cropped pants, through which you can appreciate sophisticated Sandals high heel and platform of vertigo.
The jackets are clean cuts and without any detail or print.

One of my favorite outlets has been this lilac dress that combined chiffon and leather in Lilac. Fantasy of this design is no longer the mixture of fabrics, but that part of the skirt is smooth and the other slightly pleated …. wonderful! And is that the combination of fabrics has been a constant in the entire collection, especially fine leather mixed with other fabrics.

In a parade of Dior can’t miss style New Look, fitted waists WaSP, skirts of flight …. created in 1947, it endures to the present day.

The range of colors It is very wide: black, grey, lands, pastels, lilac, blue, red & #8230;.

See the pleated tulle in designs of night and day, inspired, as well as much of the collection, the more classic clothing of classical dance.

Evening dresses


For look at night, to shine on the red carpet … become the most impressive creations. Spectacular dresses of chiffon, tulle and transparent details asymmetrical cuts and billowing skirts, a.