Choosing LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight is built around an LED diode, diode which has recently become very effective and now competes with halogen and xenon lamps for the future in the lamp industry. An LED diode emits more light at the same size, it also requires less power and less power and therefore generate less heat. An LED flashlight is also resistant to shock and harsh treatment compared with other lamp types, then the design is based around a diode and not around a light bulb. A lamp may include a single LED diode or more pieces of diodes which produce a certain amount of light per LED. The LED flashlights we sell are one-diode.

Visibly Distance

The apparent distance of an LED flashlight varies depending on the power, the weather conditions, the LED component used, and other factors. Normally, gives an LED flashlight with higher power (which usually also means more batteries) a visibly longer distances than a weaker light. The visible distance depends also on how the beam is designed by the manufacturer and what priority in this case. Either the lamp can be optimized for the longest possible distance visible or can be primarily asnpassad to light up in the direct vicinity of the essence. Normally, LED flashlights Solar Force, Digital Shop sells, a balanced system to enable navigation both in the immediate area while getting maximum range of the beam.

Power Modes

An LED flashlight can have multiple power modes. This can be handy if you want to save battery and do not always have the maximum effect. Some common power modes include; 100% maximum output, 50% brightness and 10% brightness, which is the lowest level. For an LED flashlight that generates maximum tex. 600 lumens, so still the lowest power mode to provide full 60 lumens, which is more than enough suffering lighting in dark environment. Battery life for the different power modes are normally around 1-2 hours on full power mode, 4-5 hours for 50% power state and around 10-15 hours for low output mode. To go from one power mode to another as ‘double-click’ normally the on / off button, or press the button twice in quick succession. Via a memory function of the lamp to save the last-used state power and the lamp resumes this if you turn it off for a long time.

Materials / Construction

The LED flashlights that act Digitally sell are all made of a very sturdy and solid aluminum alloy of military HAIII standard flashlights are ready for tough and designed for professional use, for hunting, tracking, security guards, firefighters, police, military, etc. The material are stainless steel, and all parts are machined precision-engineered for optimum fit and durability. Solar Force LED flashlights are well-proven and prioritizing safe and reliable operation in the first place. Some lights will suit your different battery types, blah. Solar Force L2B that can be used with 2 pcs. RCR123A batteries or 1 pc. 18650 battery. All LED flashlights Solar Force is protected against reverse polarity reversal (except UV LED and IR LED), reversed polarity wrong way to start the lamp simply do not, it will not be damaged. UV LED and IR LED, however, will be short-circuited if the batteries are turned the wrong way when they do not have any built-in protection against reverse polarity.