Choosing the Ideal Sunblock for Beach, City or Academy

Dermatologist explains what the most suitable to beach, pool, day by day and Academy

There are many ways to protect themselves from the action of the Sun’s rays: choose the right time to go to the beach or the pool, wear sunglasses and hats, but nothing is as important as the sunscreen, indispensable even in everyday whether it was or in the workplace, since the light emitted by the computer monitor is also harmful to the skin.

At the time of choosing the sunscreen, some care is needed. Each situation calls for a different type. And use the wrong product could end up not having the expected effect. The dermatologist Renata Marques, Dicorp clinic, in Rio de Janeiro, explains what is the best sunscreen.

Facial and body guard for Beach/pool

“On the beach or in the pool where the greater body surface area is exposed to direct sunlight, it is important to use a filter at least 30 FPS – preferably higher factors, like 50 or 60 FPS on both the body and the face. If the skin is oily, give preference to a lined oil free or gel, to prevent acne lesions. In the body, the use of filters in spray form makes the product is spread with hands “, explains.

Facial and body guard to city

“In the cities, because we are more protected by the use of clothes, the filter must be spread mainly in areas not covered, fotoexpostas calls, such as the face, lap, arms and sometimes legs and feet. Choose a filter with a high protection factor of at least 30, in these areas, being recommended a filter according to the skin type. In the case of more droughts, advise the cream or lotion consistency, “he says.

Protector for training time at the gym

“For the supporters of physical activities, if it is outdoors, you should have the same recommendations the filters on the beach, that is, high above 30 FPS (if possible, 50 or higher) on spray consistency for being quick absorption. Who is indoors, the recommendation is the same as the city, through the application of protectants above FPS30, being required to reapply every 2 hours – especially if it is an intense activity, where the practitioner sweat enough. “