Choose the Ideal Hat for Your Country Style

How many different types of hats country you know?

If you can’t think or name the styles, then you need to read this post. To start, the first cowboy hat to gain popularity in the United States was the “Boss of the Plains” created by the legendary John b. Stetson in 1865. This hat made of felt soft had a high Crown, without creases, and some versions of it can still be seen around.

Countless styles of hats were created over the years. We have selected some of the most used for you:

Cattleman:Considered by some as the most popular style of cowboy hat, Cattleman today looks like the traditional cowboy hats used in Hollywood movies. He has three pleats at the top of the Crown and a slightly curved tab. With your low Crown, is specially designed to remain steadfast in rainy weather and wind.

PinchFront:This model has a deep indentation on either side of the front of the Crown. It is especially popular among the cowgirls, because your inclination stretches the face and makes it look thinner.

Gus:This classic style has a high Crown and three deep indentations. The Crown tilts toward the front, and legend has it that this is the exact spot where cowboys took to remove the hat and greet the ladies.

Gambler:If you’ve ever seen a Wild West movie then you’ll recognize this style right away, because the cowboys are always using one of these when entering the lounge. Originating in Mexico, has a large, flat tab to protect against the Sun, your Crown flat and low, was designed to protect the head. Is extremely popular in black, but Whites are also a charm.

Nevada:This popular style has an edge and a flat Crown, giving you a smooth and sophisticated appearance. Is very similar to The Gambler style and is usually done with a good fabric.

So what’s your favorite style of hat country?