Choose a Reusable Bottle

Unfortunately, time is the clouds and rain, but as my plans for the day included “household” and “study”, I think this is the ideal temperature! Although, even with a nice big sun, it’s not like I could go far. I am so exasperated to wear my big moon boot I just get the taste of the end of my arm. I look forward to regain the use of my feet like this is incredible. I honestly put my long runs projects in question. If the chances of injuring myself again its too big, I prefer not to. Better to move a little than not at all… We’ll see after the MRI and my meeting with the physio. Meanwhile, I continue to train the upper body three times a week cardio but I miss. Even walking miss! I give a lot to be able to jump on my bike and go to the gym or the grocery store without having to ask for a lift to Steven. Grrrr …

Well, it’s good to talk about it but move on to something more positive from this weekend on the right foot ( lol ! Bad word choice!). By the way, everyone has three days off in Australia this weekend because Monday is the day of work!

Lately, my trusty bottle of turquoise water (you have seen many times on the blog in the beginning) passed away. She still gave several years of good services that bottle!

But here I am VERY particular when it comes to buying a reusable bottle. Fortunately, I found two that met every expectation and more. Bonus Point: These are souvenirs since I bought in Cairns! I thought I’d share with you my criteria so that we can compare what pleases and displeases one another.

  • 500 ml or more

No need to lug around a bottle that houses less than that because that would require me to fill it all the time fields.

  • Wide Mouth

For me, it is imperative to wash the bottle so the opening should be wide enough to pass my sponge dish (and out).

  • Transparent

This criterion therefore excluded all aluminum bottles for I should be able to drink a bottle opaque. A fly could be dropped in! I like to see what I drink and eat good.

  • In plastic

As I want a transparent bottle, it leaves me the choice between glass and plastic. I find bottles too heavy glass and also more fragile than plastic. If you’re accident prone as I am, plastic is your best only option.

  • BPA

We all know the dangers of BPA. Fortunately, most reusable plastic bottles currently on the market no longer contain this product harmful to health.

  • Strap or hook

This is where you’ll begin to find me hard but I like to lug around my water bottle with a strap or even be able to hold on to my bag or my belt. It’s so convenient!

  • Big Bonus Point: A trick to protect against splashing!

I had never seen this gadget in my life but when I opened the clear water bottle in the Waterbottlesshop and I saw this, I immediately decided to buy two! I love the big bottleneck for the reason mentioned above but I always end up putting me water everywhere, especially by car … With that, finished accidents and contest wet t-shirt improvised! Is it possible to be in love with a bottle of water? If so, I’m in love with them!

  • Second Bonus Point: half price!

It’s worth to buy two right? Simply because it is the model of last season … Seriously, I’m not even the garment fashion, I will not make any fuss for a bottle of water!

Now, the floor is yours!

I find you completely crazy with my criteria or do they look like yours?

Have a good day!