Chinese Xiaomi Explores Also Modular Smartphones

Not only Motorola sees opportunities in a modular smartphone also Xiaomi, toying with the idea shows a picture from their Director.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi rumored also to be associated with modular smartphones which can be tailored by specific parts so you can build its individually perfect smartphone.

An image has been shown online by Director Lei Jun, it shows a phone called Magic Cube which has places where individual parts of a phone can be upgraded, for example, you can insert a camera with better sensor.

Also Motorola explores the possibilities in these parts, however, a bit more ambitious, with the possibility of 3D-printer items as well as make it possible to replace more parts of the phone. In Xiaomis case, it does not appear to you would be able to switch the screen, it allows Motorola Project Ara is reported it.

The outcome can be gisnes about, but it’s not just Motorola who sees opportunities for a modular phone.