Children’s Party Decoration Tips

To help you know how to decorate a children’s party in a simple way and without spending a lot of money, we will give you tips on decorating children’s party and so you will be able to make the party of children to look prettier and fun!

To start preparing everything it takes to choose the theme of the party, and it is important that the theme of the festival is the taste of the child, it’s her day. If it’s a surprise party look know the cartoon character that she loves the most, or the favorite super hero.

Themes for Children’s Party

Some themes that appeal very children are: Ben 10, patati patato, circus, cars, tinker bell, farm, football team, Backyardigans, Disney Princesses and Spongebob.

After you decide the theme comes the financial part, when you should see how much you can spend. Knowing this, it becomes easier to decide if you’re going to buy something ready or will do everything at home, for example.

Table of children’s Party

There are some essential items for your party to be simple but beautiful. The cake is the highlight of the party, because there are taken the pictures, and is also where you sing happy birthday.

To have a nice table, you can rent a good towel or an interesting option is to make a skirt for the table with crepe paper. Just use masking tape or glue stick to paste the paper (white glue will stain) and will be very beautiful.

Use a candle with effects on the cake, and put on the table the honeys in tins other than those common to give a cool effect, harmonizing crafts with the theme of decoration. Decorate the cake also taking into account the theme, with decorations or designs on cake, or even a different candle.

Party Decoration Panels

Make a panel on the wall behind the desk. It can be made with rubber (EVA) found in stationery stores. Cut letters and write the child’s name, and if you want to put designs or decorations.

Browse specialty shops for images of the theme of the party, be it a football team or a cartoon hero. You’ll probably find it in styrofoam figures. Use the colors of the character for the details as ornaments and souvenirs, so everything will be harmonious.

Decorating children’s Party with balloons

Use lots of balloons (or “balloons”, as you prefer) is a great idea to make everything more colorful, fun and even without spending a lot. Make an arch of balloons on the wall behind the desk, on top of the panel. You can make another arc at the entrance too.

Use balloons of at least two colors, being the chosen theme related colors. At the end of the matter put a video teaching how to do the Arch of balloons to help you in this part.

Party Favors and Decorations for the Party

To spend even less, you can find on the internet some sites offering templates for invitations to print at home.

In addition you can find videos teaching how to make souvenirs, so you let the child satisfied and happy and still saves you spend with these items!