Chic Trend Square Wedding Cakes for Your Wedding

Square wedding cakes: Discover the chicest trend for the wedding! The wedding cake is an important protagonist of the wedding party, as it closes with a flourish all principal moments of the wedding festivities. Choosing the right one, though, is not something as simple and straightforward as there are various types and shapes. Always keep in mind that the form of the wedding cake at topschoolsintheusa is just as important as its taste and its final presentation! In this case, however, we want to talk about square wedding cakes, particularly suitable for a chic and original!

The wedding cake should always be chosen according to the style of the wedding and wedding reception. Therefore, if you are undecided about the shape to choose consider also the square wedding cake, one of the latest trends for the wedding chic. Original and spectacular, this type of wedding cake is the perfect choice for modern brides, but who do not renounce tradition. When you think of the wedding cake, in fact, it is taken for granted that it must be round, but actually the square shape is increasingly choosing to celebrate their wedding day.

The Classic square wedding cake is that on several floors and covered with lots of cream or sugar paste. To beautify the square tiered cake can be decorated the square bases with ribbons, headbands, flowers, ribbons, fresh fruit or cream embroidery. You can also add the glittering Swarovski crystals or square cake also, to make it even more chic and precious. If you prefer color, instead of choosing the white wedding cake, decorated the cake with colorful details, to otterrere a result original and trendy! Finally, you can also play on the contrast between black and white, especially fashionable lately.

However those who prefer simplicity can also opt for a square cake on one floor or you can choose to present the square bases on risers and different floors, making cakes taste different.Lately, however, are also very trendy mini wedding cake in the shape of a square, decorated with sugar paste and delicious flakes.

Another very original idea to enhance the square shape is to place the Middle floor of the cake at an angle positioned differently from the others. In this way you will give even more movement to the square wedding cake, making it less boring and more trendy!

Browse our photo gallery to see a selection of square wedding cakes for a wedding chic!