Check Out Tips to Choose Which Tablet to Buy

There are many models and tablet brands on the market, so it becomes very difficult to choose. Not to repent with your purchase, it is necessary to analyze your needs in purchasing a tablet, considering not only price, but also benefits.

A great advantage of the tablet is that it dispenses the physical keyboard and the mouse, besides being super lightweight. But some are heavier and this can be an important point at the time of choosing, stay tuned to the weight of the tablet (which always appears in the product description) and try to choose a lighter one. Be mindful that the larger tablets are getting lighter.

And speaking of size, the options are too many. The larger screens have the advantage over space to type a text or hit the finger to access some command, besides being better to watch videos and play. Although, smaller tablets offer more practicality, they call less attention and are with increasingly sharp and crisp screens.

Here at, the case of AMOLED and Super AMOLED screens on Samsung tablets, is an example of screen types with greater number of pixels per inch, which make the user experience much more interesting, spending less energy. But only the number of pixels does not set the quality of a screen, whenever possible to do a test in stores.

Brands and more brands

The number of new models, as well as new manufacturers never stop appearing. In addition to major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Amazon, Toshiba, LG and Sony, there are many markers that are not known by consumers and can be advantageous by cost X benefits as well. In these cases, it is interesting to search the Internet-specific reviews for templates and brands.

In this sense, especially in relation to Chinese manufacturers, the options are getting better, because it is possible to find cheap models that have quality, the same way that it is possible to find the contrary.


It is important to check the battery life time before choosing which model to buy. In fact, this is an advantage of tablets generally in relation to the notebook, most tablet batteries last from 8 to 10 hours in continuous use. But stay tuned, the battery of some models may not arrive at 3 hours of use.

Technical assistance

This is a big problem when purchasing electronics and changes a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some top-line brands can yield a value of higher than the appliance you purchased. On the other hand, some very small brands may not have any assistance.

The ideal, therefore, is to check this type of information, if the manufacturer has a direct line 0800, if it has online chat and solves at least possible configuration problems quickly. This can be done before you even make the purchase. A positive aspect is if they are assembled here in Brazil.

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