Chanel Spring-Summer: Pearls of the Wind

Karl Lagerfeld It says that “ everything is in wind ”, thus defines his collection. Under that premise, it has designed its new collection. Summarize your designs with that sentence make me think something vacuous and meaningless. Wind is noticed, we can feel it, but it is not something that we can play. In the Grand Palais erected wind mills that could be glimpsed quixotic dreams, environmental influences or new airs at the maison Chanel but the reality is that nothing that there is

The new collection of Chanel is more simple than previous ones and reach the public in a more defined way. The Tweed, always protagonist, weaves with other garments to get some lightness in the garments.

Big shoulder pads, volumes, toreras, much eighties roll and a touch futuristic sixties, which in general so little favor, but in the Chanel collection have a pass. It is not an annoying style, It is much.

There are camellias, Chanel brand but if you have pearls, many pearls. Big collars made with different materials that favor their designs and give the Chanel touch.

The pearls also come part of the clothing, as one Appendix within the designs. Beautiful pearls with details about gold and silver thread exude restrained elegance.

Tulle flower like feathers attached to clothing of black chiffon dress the more night designs to give movement and let them move with the wind.

More flowers, but in this case, simple white dresses embroidered where the role is focused on the spring colors of flowers.