Chanel Invites Marta Ortega to Fly in the Airport

If you have Instagram and you like to follow fashion profiles are sure that the past 6 October did not see anything that wasn’t the impressive parade of Chanel in the Paris fashion week. The Grand Palais to become an amazing airport is not all the credit that can be attributed to the French maison because gather all stars is not a simple matter. However to me one of the things that left me speechless was there see Marta Ortega.

Thanks to Naty Abascal saw that the daughter of Amancio Ortega, former President and founder of Inditex, had also received the passage for the most exclusive airport of the Paris fashion week. The daughter of one of the world’s richest businessmen going to the parade of Chanel I think something more than normal but that the daughter of the businessman whose signature is inspired, sometimes too much, in the large luxury brands is one of the most important guests of the Spanish bench is something to think awhile.

Perhaps one of the best clients of the French House in our country or perhaps Chanel makes you illusion that the daughter of the head of the multinational company of the world’s largest fashion go to her motorcade. The truth is that we will never know the explanation of this presence, but we are also clear that it is much more beautiful.