Chanel Autumn/Winter: the Uglyism as Philosophy Kamikaze

The uglyism is the artistic trend that valued aesthetically ugly. Feistas works are distinguished because the artist takes is them in the presentation of objects, animals, people, places or situations repugnant.

Source: Wikipedia.

The uglyism current is missing a name that still renewing currents: Karl Lagerfeld. Your mold: Chanel. His easel: different models that give life to the 67 (!) outputs of the collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 newly presented in the Paris fashion week.

Notice to people of good heart, tender and endearing that the following images can be harmful to health. Enter at your own risk.

The revelation follows in Chanel. His last view of the fall-winter 2011 / 2012 does not disappear but it lasts one more season, which receives over a good mixture of the latest movements of the French firm, i.e.: that air romantic that he left for the spring-summer 2012. If you see all the looks in mosaic dominant black broken by these small brushstrokes indecipherable at any idea of the best collections firm concept. Brushstrokes in yellow or green with transparencies and blouses.

The overlays layers as the terrain to forget. By Chanel obsession towards this field becomes worrying ends. Besides the pants more skirt we’ve seen in other firms, Chanel proposes insane combinations with transparent skirts in electric sets taken from a reality parallel to the 90 revival. Glitters. Glitters. The gleam and the print palm leaf-shaped. Fear. At 12 o’clock on a street I go running. At 12 in the morning I have nightmares.

I have no where to take such a collection. Escapes me. The feathers along the grid and glitters. The wide military style and it comes to life. The ice age as the context and the vultures as inspiration for some combinations.

Back pleat, the effect tape, the gown, the more colorful applications, gloves, geometry shaped jewel, strident combinations, suitable for clowns monkeys…

Initially simple, going back to forms large, their sets of jackets or coats in complete combinations of a single color, or incorporating the violet. The most salvageable part of the parade that later gave way to the demonstration of how it can be overcome the impossible. I’m still trying to decipher the meaning of those shirts of patchwork the rest of ideas.

I already don’t know if Karl Lagerfeld has a sense of humor worthy of a genius or teases us in a blatant way. If it is the latter, Karly say it clear, please. We do not suffer more.

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