Celine Fall-Winter: When Minimalism Reformulates the 90

Phoebe Philo It is also of the designers who have returned to open the exclusive gates of its parade to let the press and a greater number of guests at the Paris fashion week, something already did in last summer 2013 and which leaves the privacy of the previous winter 2013 something anecdotal. Celine is always worth by what we see the collection in more detail.

Reformulating the 90

There are two ways of looking at fashion. Either returning to the same vices always loop or creating new ones from these. Celine part of the latter. Would the 90 have returned and with them to waist shirts fashion? Phoebe Philo would prefer to step forward and play to become a symbol of its new identity in the face of that cross the sleeves the next winter season.

Similar to other firms such as Oscar de la Renta or Prada have prints its best-known icons season after season, Celine you need something more than the minimal characteristic so it is easy to identify. Dresses with sleeves crossed on the front with large pockets will be exhibited by many people who want to go ahead. But, at the time.

Celine and the Prince of Wales

In addition to trends leading and expected see, i.e., its large volume, their dresses with balloon and the overlapping of layers in sets to get lost inside, another trend that caught my attention in Celine has to do with Britain and the recovery of the print Prince of Wales in its collection.

Like their stripes this winter coats, Celine shares British taste with other so many current designers in layers that seem to pick up inner liners and place them on the first side, even up to memories of bed covers, logical differences. In Scottish taste but adding a very soft blue giving the female counterpoint to the Red.

In addition to other styles to pictures.

Boots include minimalism

Mola me style ladylike which plays and Philo flirts in the meantime minimalism and taste by the broad. Other less typical details.

The entire collection supplemented with ankle boots. Medium ankle, slightly beaked nose, but not exceed, monochrome, lots of green military off and playing with the media creating the feeling of being a boot musketeer.

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