Celine Autumn/Winter: a Season Wide and Electric

Facing the possible cancellation by an advanced pregnancy, Phoebe Philo He decided to reduce his parade to two low passes of some 30 people each. Recommendation not to take pictures to spread through social networks and a friendly Petit Committee to see what’s new from Celine by which surely will be increasingly opting more signatures.

The collection back to combine with tasteful female and male vision of fashion in just 30 released looks. 30 ideas that reiterate the weak role of curves, since that is far from the vision of British designer.

Front of the taste for pure white in the summer 2012 collection and the sadness off of Pre-Fall 2012 collection, Celine opts for a winter that needs to incorporate color, especially some electrical flashes, such as blue or Fuchsia.

My favorite part of the collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 is the influence of geometric compositions from painting and architecture Visual close to such themes. Blocks of forms that are divided between different provisions to collate. Sometimes horizontal lines thicker and other vertical or diagonal.

The leather It is a Basic for Celine. Coats, whose flaps are not spared, for both her long neck and sleeve dresses.

The amplitude in the proposals (from pants to sleeves) details in the form of zippers, in addition to certain vision which is not far from the stylish and sporty, but which goes further, with a more modern taste in which appear the white booties with generous tip shoes. The contrast created against the ideas of what is style. Even though tightened designers this last barrier will remain difficult to pull.

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