CCTV: a Closed-circuit Television

CCTV for the safety of your home or office

Currently have a CCTV system of television or also known as CCTV, as means of security in our company is paramount, so the DVR or NVR are a good solution when we need recordings over that happens in it. These systems give us the possibility to view the recordings of the events that occurred long ago, depending on the capacity of the equipment is the time of storage of images, as well as see them remotely. The equipment that we provide as a solution to this problem are easily adapted to the economy and needs of each client.

The surveillance through cameras is something that is becoming part of our everyday life due to the increase of crime in which we are immersed, is for this reason that CCTV (closed circuit television) systems offer us every day a solution to this problem.

With them can be assured that we know all the time what is happening in our home, work or office; even if we are not in the same place.

Implement a CCTV system helps us to prevent theft and improper acts by our staff.

Devices that are part of a security system include:

  • Cameras
  • DVR (digital video recorder).
  • NVR (Network video recorder).

Night vision cameras has become important part today’s security and surveillance CCTV systems.

These cameras use as Illuminators leds such as that they have in front the TV control, is how we were able to send a picture in a place where the light is little or no, without having a lamp lit all the time. The number of leds of a camera needs to be able to send an image depend on the scope of the same; However due to the small size of these devices does not increase too much the size of the camera.

That the image sent by the camera while the IR are assets still be in black and white, this does not prevent that while they have another type of lighting or natural light they emit color images.

DVR or NVR are recording equipment as its name implies registers all information capatada by the cameras and stored so that we can resort to it if necessary, is also the interface between the Chambers and the user is this equipment which provides us the facility to be able to project longer is local or remote image of closed-circuit television cameras.

The advantages that give us loa CCTV systems are numerous and its options are different also fit any budget and cover any need.

As picking that CCTV equipment to provide the best security.

Security today in Mexico is a very important topic that all businesses and homes. Every day more homes and offices are implementing security systems based on CCTV (closed circuit Television)

To be able to choose which is the correct equipment to purchase and install start from the idea that there are two types of CCTV systems, which differ in the form of connection and wiring the camera to the recorder.

The first CCTV system is analog, which uses a coaxial cable as a means of communication, although sometimes spins along, you can also use a UTP cable with some signal amplifiers known as baloon.

The second CCTV system is IP, which all the infrastructure of communication is based on a router, this type of cameras can connect for wired or wireless. The power source of this type of system can be energized by the same network of data to this term is also known as PoE (Power over Ethernet).

Previously there was the difference in the quality of the video of two CCTV systems, if it was in high-definition, color or black and white, the form of connection, the distances that one could bear, labor to make the installation, among other differences.

Today the solution is very similar in terms of the benefits that can give each one of them.

A difference that we find is the connection to move PTZ cameras, which in analogue, for every camera that we want to control you should have a control cable under the Protocol RS485 while if you use IP cameras communication protocol is already included, then it is TCP/IP. Which would result in a lower cost of cabling.

When to use CCTV IP:

  1. The application is to monitor one or two cameras per location.
  2. The distances between each camera is very long and you find a line of sight between each House, such as for example Chambers of city security.
  3. There is already data infrastructure to install a camera inside this network.

When to use analogue CCTV:

  1. You need to install an economic security system for 4 or more cameras.
  2. The installation is a single location.
  3. Lighting by the local Chamber is required.