Catrice Luxury Vintage Nail Polish Reviews

At the Catrice event in Munich we were introduced to the innovations for Spring / Summer 2015. Among them were many new nail products, such as the new Luxury Vintage range, which will be available exclusively at the 2-meter counter at Müller. In total, there are eight different colors of matte satin matt finishes. Three of them lie before me and I would like to introduce you today.

Catrice Luxury Vintage Nail Polish Reviews

Product Description:

“Vintage Love. Eight nail polishes in unique retro tones with a satin-matt finish and a fine pearle effect invite you to a time travel. Covered old rosea, taupe and soft apricot cake the nails in delicate, romantic tones. The fast-drying formulation is forward-looking and absolutely covering.”

Contents / Price: 11ml for 3,49 € (RRP)

Available in 8 Colors:

From Top Left To Bottom Right:

01 “Shabby Cadilac”
02 “Crush on MATT”
04 “Minty Memories”
03 ” LittleLady Baltimore”
07 “RetroLove ” 06 “Poloroid Promises”
05 “Boho in Soho”
08 “Because I’m Shabby”


The brushes are quite narrow, unlike the varnishes from the standard assortment (their brushes were improved by the way). I prefer the wide brushes for varnishing and, combined with the somewhat thick / tough consistency and fast drying time, had some initial difficulties.

Auftag & Opacity:

With the order I had some trouble. The paints cover very well and two layers are sufficient for a covering result, even with the white lacquer. The consistency is rather thick / viscous and the paints dry very quickly. Therefore, the vials should be shaken carefully before the varnishing (the vials contain two small metal beads) and applied quickly. If you have too little of the paint on the brush, it becomes uneven. Better to apply a little thicker, then it works quite well. Unfortunately there were in part a few unsightly vesicles on the nails.

Dry Season:

To avoid the satin-matte effect, you have to do without a top coat, so I personally find the fast-drying effect very important. The paints dry as promised by Catrice in fact very fast. One should nevertheless be careful for some time, in order to get no scratches in the fresh lacquer (which of course happened directly to me;-)).

02 Crush on Matt

Crush on MATT is a pastel-pink Rosaton with a pinkish shimmer. Personally, I can not start with the color so much, even if it looks quite pretty and springy.

04 Minty Memories

“Minty Memories” is a beautiful, springy mint tone with a fine bluish shimmer. I like the color best of all three.

05 Get Boho in Soho

The “Get Boho in SoHo” is very opaque for a white nail polish reviewed by Hawthornereviews. Two thicker layers are sufficient.The matte white with fine silver glimmer on the nails I find although unusual, but I really like quite well.

My Conclusion:

The satin-matt effect in combination with the delicate, pastel colors and the fine glimmer of the Luxury Vintage nail polish I like very well. You need two layers for a covering result. The somewhat thicker consistency and the fast drying time make the result look however quickly unevenly and in part there were small bubbles (you can see very well on the pink crush on MATT).Therefore, I had to work very carefully and quickly when applying. My favorite is the mint green “Minty Memories”. For me personally because of the matt effect and the pastel colors no everyday nail polish, but for the spring and summer a nice change.