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Pebble Time Updates on Android Improving The Interface and The Actions in The Calendar

Although the large number of proposals with Android Wear that is giving us the IFA 2015 can do that let us forget it, the Time Pebble does not forget us and continues to improve gradually gained from implementing more and more functions for those who prefer their bid for autonomy instead of the beautiful designs of the smartwatches of the latest generation.

With its 3.4 update, Pebble Time is renewed to improve some details in the appearance of its interface, which is now a little more simple and easy to use, and improving the way in which now we can manage from our wrist actions in our calendar application. Continue reading

New 360 Motorcycle, The Evolution of The First Android Wear Circular

Motorola It has tapped into great showcase that offers the IFA 2015 to present the renewal of its first Android Wear with new in society Bike 360 of second generation you try to fix most defects or shortcomings that were detected in the first generation.

On this occasion the new bike 360 will not be a single model, but there are several versions, of different sizes, designs and materials to meet the needs of every consumer, be available in different colors and with different belts. Continue reading

Xiaomi Watch Looks over The Leg… Although They Are Only Rumors

Ago long who is talking about a hypothetical smartwatch of Xiaomi, and obviously all we know that the successful Chinese firm will launch a smart watch before or after. The own Hugo Barra confirmed it, but then leaving in the air deadlines saying that they wanted to see the needs of the users and the evolution of the market.

Yesterday intensified the rumors and today we already you have the first information about the Xiaomi Watch, Although for the moment only in the form of rumors that could not be described as more or less reliable. Continue reading

All Watches Android Wear Compared after The IFA 2015

Android Wear family grows back. In this IFA 2015 they are two new smart watches that reach the market, joining the ever wider collection of watches manufactured by leading brands and under the support of Google, which is who updated these wearables.

This IFA 2015 has been the showcase for the two new ASUS ZenWatch 2 and the new bike 360 collection, with several models of different sizes and materials. Also Huawei finally announced the release date and price of your Huawei Watch. Continue reading

Huawei Watch Finally Lands on The Market, from Today Starting from 399 Euros

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei It has been another of those who you chose the first day of IFA 2015 to present their innovations, and has also done so hours of noon so we can spend a good evening digesting them.

Its most important launch already filtered this morning, and it is all expected with enthusiasm to the new phablet Huawei Matt S that has finally come accompanied, as also has been presented in Berlin the G8 Huawei aimed at the mid-range. However, most We still wondered what had happened to the Huawei Watch. Continue reading

Might as Well Look The Colorful Array of New 360 Moto According to EvLeaks

There is no doubt that the rumored new Motorola smart watch is one of the most anticipated devices of this IFA 2015, and a proof of this is the large number of rumors and leaks that is having on him in recent days. So that although it makes just one hour I recopil√°bamos most of them now touches us return to talk about it.

And it is the mythical and reborn Evan Blass has become again showing an image in which we see a few renderings with the appearance that could have new watches from Motorola. In it we can see that the clock could come in colors black, silver and gold. But as always we have to take into account that it is only a leak, and that filtering this design that takes a few days may not be the definitive. Continue reading

ASUS Zenwatch 2 Premieres in October Starting from 149 EUR

The Taiwanese firm Asus opens fire in Berlin at the moment, in a presentation in the framework of the fair IFA 2015 which you can follow live with us in Xataka Android right now with several developments in pipeline for ‘ZenFamily’.

The first of confirmations is the launch of the Asus Zenwatch 2 conocimos at Computex, and that will arrive in Europe in October as the first smart watch with Android Wear in two sizes. Continue reading

More Details of The New Filter 360 Moto: Barometer, Hybrid Screen and GPS

Motorola, that is last year, has already filed almost all of your letters for IFA. Barring surprises, tomorrow we will know only the new bike 360 (and perhaps any accessory) and with the catalogue of products of the company will close this by 2015. Yesterday saw through a filtration would be like their appearance and now comes more information on the update to the Android Wear smartwarch par excellence.

On the one hand, we have an image with an invitation to the event. There, Motorola said that the time has come (it’s time) quoting us on September 8. The date gives to indicate it would be an event for Asia. In any, upleaks gives us some clues on some of the functions that will be one of the new models motorbike 360. Continue reading

LG Watch Urbane Luxe, The Smartwatch for LG with 23-Karat Gold Costume Is Official

When the river sounds, water carries. Our elders that say pulling wisdom, and the truth is that many times the world shows us that the experience is a degree and very applicable proverbs.

This time it was LG who has confirmed the rumors, because days ago there was talk of a luxurious version of its latest smartwatch, and Today it has made official the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, a version of the Watch Urbane who we met at the beginning of this year but that is dressed with a 23 karat gold casing. Continue reading

This Could Be The Appearance of The New 360 Moto: More Stylized and with a More Accessible Button

Motorola has something to introduce ourselves at IFA this year. All indications are that it will focus on an alleged renewal of the bike 360. In the last few days have seen some leaks, including photos, and has now been evleaks who has shared a new image that makes a little more real This watch with Android Wear.

Evan Blass, long known for its leaks, published tonight it seems are the official renderings of the new bike 360. An image that you can see two variations of the same model: a strap of leather and silver body, others with metal strap and metallic black body. The Berlin fair nears and although this is a filtration unconfirmed, it seems a very real rumor. Continue reading