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Fashion Trend Plus Size 2016

The fashion trends are always a hit with women of all styles.

And women who are overweight also care about thelooks they will wear each year, after all every woman wants to look beautiful and fashionable .

As well as the traditional parades that present novelties in skinny models that even escape the standard of the population of women, also has the parades directed towards fashion plus size. Continue reading

Plus Size Swimwear Reviews

Every year in summer, there are plenty of people who equip themselves with new swimwear, to make a good impression while swimming and sunbathing. Swimwear is worn in hot temperatures often as this easily gets into the skin and provides a sense of freedom and lightness. Today, a wide range of swimwear is available, so that for every person the right fashion piece this is independent of the figure.

Also people with using figures must not hide, there is but a large selection of swimwear in XXL swimwear in large sizes should look fashionable on the one hand, but on the other hand refined to conceal problem areas. It materials should be used, that support and give stability. Stretch cling very pleasant on the skin and provide a sense of well-being when wearing. Rather, swimwear in XXL should be designed in darker shades because these colors hide and stretch the character.

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Plus Size Sports Shorts

When the fashion sport returned to pumping, I never thought that could one day use a short plus size sports. First because it is the premise that this model should be ultra mega comfortable, then I thought: who’s going to do a short plus size sports with wide elastic enough not to divide my tires, one leg long enough to not worry about a thigh in the other, who will put enough tissue for the model stay on 62 thick thighs , broad hips and big butt and, above all, who’s going to do it all with a beautiful print, a nice fabric and a modern cut??!

Maaas life and plus size fashion ALWAYS amaze me, hua hua hua (phew!). And then I found this plus size short – sports clothes. Comfortable, BEAUTIFUL and with a living picture to print this summer. The way is to skinny, only to fat … You mean you don’t love? And there, with a piece like this, who’s going to be afraid to put your legs out, you say?

And of course, the cool part of this women’s short is that no matter what comes in feet, can be the grasshopper of a platform until the tennis short. Everything looks great and with that footprint fashion, you know?

Another cool thing in time to assemble a look with a short boxer is thinking about what the occasion you will use and how to assemble the rest of the look for “married” with the moment. I for example, I went out to lunch and walk around with that outfit. So I chose a race more chic, with delicate details and fine cloth. And then, to make it even more cool, played the kimono over (but practically spent the day without him because he was too hot hua hua hua).


Anyway, for today is this cougar. I hope you stay encouraged to put your legs out in the heat and that dressing up just because they have a little fat here, a cellulite there … We are beautiful and we can use what we want — including the short;) fashion.