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Westwing Guide for Aluminum Chandelier

Aluminum is a widely used material for making various objects. Nowadays, in terms of decoration, this material guarantees a modern and stylish touch to the pieces and, therefore, are seen in furniture and decorative objects in general. In the lighting range, there are many models of luminaires, such as aluminum chandelier, as it is a sturdy type, beautiful and easy to match with the rest of the room decor. Continue reading

Westwing Guide for Ceramic Lamp

Lighting is responsible for much of the beauty and warmth of an environment. Points of light obtained with luminaires, spots, washers or lamps ensure the sophistication of a room and all the charm that an environment needs to transform into a place full of charm. If you like environments that appeal to craftsmanship and rustic work, the ceramic lamp can surprise you with its delicacy and refinement. Continue reading

Again the Light Blue

In several articles have reported the effect of blue light on living beings, for example, in the case of the circadian rhythm that determines our cycle of day and night. However, the research is revealing that the effects of blue light can go far beyond the simple determination of our periods of sleep. In this article we explore this topic as some ideas that may lead to research. Continue reading

How to Turn on Light Point

It is very common to want to turn 1 point of light in 2, mainly in rooms and other spaces with 1 single point of light in the center of the ceiling, where the idea is to create two environments, each with your own lighting on the ceiling. For each point of light to fire independently, there are 2 circuits, and for this it is necessary to move in the electrical installation connecting the switch to each point on the ceiling. Just to cap the existing point of light and create other 2, new, it is possible to create recesses in the ceiling, without having to break the ceiling. Continue reading

Led Headlamp Led 78 Lumens – Coleman

Whether for camping, fishing or hunting, Coleman’s High Power ™ lantern is lightweight, and lets you see long distances when the sun goes down. It has 3 lighting intensities: Low light, medium light and high. Up to 78 extra-bright lumens can be adjusted. This flashlight comes with up to 249 feet, or 76m of light at its maximum setting. It also has leds in cool colors, and never need to be replaced. When you have a harder job, your head lets you point the LEDs where you need them, and the fully adjustable elastic makes the flashlight highly comfortable during use. Works with 3 AAA batteries, included. Continue reading

Led Flashlight Si201 Cree Led Q5 4600 Lumens 1800w

The SL201 Headlight is ideal for mountaineering, camping or repairs, leaving your hands free for activity. Using state-of-the-art technology, it has sophisticated Cree Led Q5, a new high-efficiency lamp technology that uses semiconductor ceramic, consumes only 15% of a standard bulb and has a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. So it allows it to be compact, but has power of 1800w and 4600 Lumens. With its aluminum body, the SL201 Headlamp is resistant to water, mud, rain and shocks. Continue reading

Creative Lamps With LED Bulbs

Resistant and economical, LED bulbs are a great alternative to both indoor and outdoor lighting. Hometeka is a fan of this technology and we’ve talked about its features and advantages in this link .

With this in mind, we have separated some curious luminaires that can be equipped with LEDs to get you to know a little more and get inspired, as well as Gaya products that can help those who want to use this type of lighting. Continue reading