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Do It Yourself: Pendant Fixture With Sisal Rope

Who’s connected environments decorating trends know that rustic concept is always high. An elegant and functional object, which follows this line and can help write any environment, is the lamp pendant made with sisal rope.

To help you create this craft project that never goes out of fashion and leave your home or Office with your man, we prepare this simple step-by-step. Keep watching and check out!

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Can You Really Save Money with LED Ceiling Lights?

As recently I visited a friend who had moved to in a new apartment, I immediately noticed that he had installed a . “Great,” I thought to myself “if I would have to buy new lamps, I would pick up also LEDs.” But that is actually useful? Pay off LED lights on the wall and ceiling and if so when? How long must a LED light on the ceiling light until it is really financially profitable and is not only a technical gimmick? Continue reading

LED Lamp: E27 Bulbs In The Test

Just in the dark season, more than ever, we have light. LED lamps are enjoying increasing popularity, as long they are affordable even for average Joe and points in addition to efficiency especially with long service life, instant light rendering and are. LED retrofits fit into any standard bulb socket. The magazine CHIP has now tested E27er LED in three categories. Continue reading

Advantages of Energy Saving Lamp

Yes, energy saving lamps contain mercury and this is very dangerous. But the danger that the lamp breaks when falling and mercury escapes is very small.This can only happen with older models. With newer and higher quality energy saving lamps the danger is significantly lower, since when the energy saving lamp breaks in the switched off state, the mercury is bound by an amalgam alloy and is not liquid. No mercury can escape. If an energy saving lamp is switched on, the danger is somewhat higher, since the mercury is gaseous when in use and thus emits more easily. In such a case and in older models, some safety rules should be observed. Continue reading

How to Choose Lighting for a Room

Your room isn’t just a simple place to sleep. It is the place where advocates of different activities: watch TV, read a book, dress, make-up, fulfil a conjugal duty… It is therefore necessary to have a lights also various and varied. Kosilum offers you so many lights to settle each of your activities. For the main lighting, who will dominate the room by its design structure and its superior light output, it would be interesting to place a ceiling in the center of the room. To a room, simply opt for a ceiling of modest size, which broadcasts a sufficient light to enlighten you to common as activities theskin. In this case, prefer him light Aphyse, very trendy at the moment!

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4 Types of Light Bulbs

What is than a LED bulb?

A light-emitting diode, abridged under the acronyms LED or LED (English light-emitting diode), is an electronic component that is capable of emitting light when it is traversed by an electric current.
This technology is used for four decades for signage applications (light). A few years ago their power did not exceed a few miliwatts (mW) and the LEDS were available in red, green or yellow.
Today their power has increased considerably and they can be used in lighting.

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Choosing LED Flashlight

An LED flashlight is built around an LED diode, diode which has recently become very effective and now competes with halogen and xenon lamps for the future in the lamp industry. An LED diode emits more light at the same size, it also requires less power and less power and therefore generate less heat. An LED flashlight is also resistant to shock and harsh treatment compared with other lamp types, then the design is based around a diode and not around a light bulb. A lamp may include a single LED diode or more pieces of diodes which produce a certain amount of light per LED. The LED flashlights we sell are one-diode. Continue reading