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This Week’s Klockklassiker-Seiko Diver

This series has largely been about the exclusive, exotic and often slightly more expensive. But what that might involve the most and most among Bell nerds are often the simple, affordable and, not least, lättmekad. Perhaps the clearest example is Beth diving models, which gathers many loyal enthusiasts and a small industry built around himself for modifications. Continue reading

A Chat about… Accessories

In General, the male wardrobe not many options, especially compared to the female. It’s all summed up the essential basic without much creativity, antics or frills. It goes straight to the point. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, here we have too many choices. But anyway, so is a bit tricky to give the air of your personality, give the finish straight and put the kiss on your personal style visual because risks remain very similar to the neighbor , no matter what. Continue reading

Women’s Silver Necklace

The ring is a prop used by women and men, nowadays there is no distinction, men and women wear rings, and even the golden ring being the favorite of all, the silver ring is also much used. As well as all the silver ring also requires some care in your daily use. But before I talk about how you must care for and clean your silver ring, let’s go back in history and find out where the ring. Continue reading

The Electronic Anklets

The profusion of scandals, operations and convictions can scare investors and inhibit the economy as a whole. But it makes the joy of at least one business segment: that of manufacturers and suppliers of electronic anklets to governments and judicial branches. Representatives of the two major companies in the country say they registered significant growth in the recent period and that work with optimistic scenarios for the future. The two companies added monitor 30,000 anklets at the moment. Continue reading

Google Should Also Launch Intelligent Watch

Company already has even product patent, which would communicate with Android smart phones.

The fight in the smart watches market already counts with three technology giants, even without any product has been officially presented. After speculation involving Apple and confirmation that Samsung works on a device, now it was the turn of Google to give the faces. Continue reading