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A Review By the Reality of the Casio Calculator Watc

Now we see how the technology changes every day. However, during previous decades each new advance is lived as a success. We have here as a crazy idea in principle, that fused several functions in one, consolidated and became one object more than interest. We talk about the calculator watch, and how Casio watches brand managed to consolidate globally. If you’ve had one, immerse yourself in this text and nostalgia will take you to those wonderful years. Continue reading

LED Wrist Watch

A LED wrist watch is a watch that shows the time using high brightness LEDs. According to the used encoding, there are two types of LED watches, indicating the standard time in the conventional format HH: mm: SS, in such a way that use LEDs to compose each one of the 6 digits, and binary LED watches, which show the hour using the binary number system instead of the classic decimal system. Continue reading