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Men’s Style In The World

Comparing the photo galleries of Milan, New York and London with that of Paris found a style more sober about the colors and bolder in terms of modeling and combination of the pieces than one might expect. The Parisian doesn’t seem to care much about the next set silhouette dominating the men’s fashion in the last decade, since their clothes show personality and style. Continue reading

Leather Belt For Men

As a man it is not easy, because many accessories, with which one can give its appearance the certain something is not. It is so difficult to set accents, especially in professional life, so you should pay particular attention to the accessories, which allow you to live your own style. Of course, without exaggerating, these accessories include for example the wristwatch, cufflinks, a handkerchief and the belt. On the latter, this article focuses on some details regarding the leather belt for men. Continue reading

How To Wear Men’s Necklace?

The masculine necklace is one of the most consecrated accessories of the present time. Nothing more natural, after all, it has the power to enhance a basic look and enhance your style (whatever it is) in a unique way.

Anyone who wears necklace can value the look in various compositions, such as the traditional jeans and white shirt, for example, in addition to being the differential in increased visuals. Continue reading

Mother’s Day Jewelry

The most incredible gifts are those that bear a meaning in themselves, which last a lifetime, and of course, the gifts given with love.For this reason, I believe that any woman, even those who are not so vain, get emotional when they are gifted with a jewel on Mother’s Day.The big question: what jewelry matches your mother?

We separate some models for you with the suggestion that most matches her “mother moment”: Continue reading