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Happy Decoration: Everything So Colorful Here

Temperatures around 20 degrees, sunshine and a breeze – what does it take to move all the activities outside, including food intake? That’s why I invited my mum-girlfriends and their kids to the terrace for coffee / O-juice last week.

I have to say: our garden and our terrace are not (yet) a feast for the eyes. When we moved into our cottage two years ago, our previous tenants handed us over, one by one, euphemistically, surrounded by nature, the garden itself, in which everything sprung up, the grooves of the terraces. This summer is to be finally changed and we start the large project garden conversion, but until it is so far, I have to help me with small beauty corrections. Continue reading

Gifts For 2 Year Old Children

In this blog post we show the best gifts for 2 year olds.In the first year of life, a child learns many new abilities, which during the following years of life playfully develop and refine it.At the age of 2, many children can walk safely, are enthusiastic climbers and love to master fine motor skills.Gift ideas for children of other age groups can be found here: gifts for children. Continue reading

Gifts for 5 Year Old Children

Great gifts for 5 year-olds are not easy to find, because the children are nearly outgrowed the kindergarten age, but still no school children.At this age, the children know how to appreciate the gifts they have, and they already have a firm idea of ​​what kind of toys they want.Gifts for 5 year olds should therefore be selected carefully.Gifts for children of other age groups can be found here: gifts for children of all ages Continue reading

Vibrations for Dog Training Collar

How to use the necklace to vibration for smooth and effective training?

Completely fascinated by nature, he turned a deaf ear for 5, 10, 15 minutes and you start getting tired! And yet, he is obedient and you have a real bond! What is going on? Too busy chasing butterflies, in good faith, he can’t hear you! To help stay focused on your voice or get his attention if he’s really deaf, you may need a training vibration collar! Continue reading