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How to Use a Satellite Dvr with Security Camera

A satellite digital video recorder or DVR, captures a satellite TV signal for storage on the internal hard drive and playback for a connected television. The signal passes through a coaxial cable connection to the DVR. Connecting a security camera allows you to record an area under surveillance to the DVR, or simply monitor an area on a TV connected to the DVR without recording. Use a pair of coaxial cables with threaded RF couplers at the ends. Continue reading

Westwing Guide for Aluminum Chandelier

Aluminum is a widely used material for making various objects. Nowadays, in terms of decoration, this material guarantees a modern and stylish touch to the pieces and, therefore, are seen in furniture and decorative objects in general. In the lighting range, there are many models of luminaires, such as aluminum chandelier, as it is a sturdy type, beautiful and easy to match with the rest of the room decor. Continue reading

Home Spy Cameras

Compared to most security cameras in commercial establishments and offices, homemade spy cameras are always intended to be configured hidden from view. Given the many types of cameras that you can buy at electronics stores these days, making homemade spy cameras is easy for anyone who wants to add safety to the home. For a reasonable cost, you can now use common materials to build your own miniature cameras to monitor activities and even conversations inside and outside your home. Continue reading

So You Also Get What You Need

Mobile phones can do a lot, and the advertisement fails thus also behind the mountain. You can find out what you should – when hardware and functionality before purchasing mobile with our checklist.

Mobile phones were once simple phones for on the go. Now they have evolved long ago to versatile communication and fun machines. But not everyone needs everything, and some interesting function you may not even know that a lot of fun could make you you.

So you don’t pay what you don’t need, and even after the mobile purchase experience any unpleasant surprises, we break down what’s really important. Continue reading

Myth Or Truth: Bathroom Can Weaken the Wi-fi Signal?

If you have a notebook or a smart phone , you almost certainly have tried to use the internet from inside your bathroom.And you should also have noticed that the wireless signal inside is not as strong as the rest of the house.But what are the reasons for this in the bathrooms?

One of the main reasons for this are the walls, which hinder the signal in any environment of the house.Even so, it should be noted that in bathrooms this sign is further weakened.Really?This is what we will discover by analyzing some of the factors that may influence the transmission of data. Continue reading