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Gifts For 2 Year Old Children

In this blog post we show the best gifts for 2 year olds.In the first year of life, a child learns many new abilities, which during the following years of life playfully develop and refine it.At the age of 2, many children can walk safely, are enthusiastic climbers and love to master fine motor skills.Gift ideas for children of other age groups can be found here: gifts for children. Continue reading

Gifts for 5 Year Old Children

Great gifts for 5 year-olds are not easy to find, because the children are nearly outgrowed the kindergarten age, but still no school children.At this age, the children know how to appreciate the gifts they have, and they already have a firm idea of ​​what kind of toys they want.Gifts for 5 year olds should therefore be selected carefully.Gifts for children of other age groups can be found here: gifts for children of all ages Continue reading

Vibrations for Dog Training Collar

How to use the necklace to vibration for smooth and effective training?

Completely fascinated by nature, he turned a deaf ear for 5, 10, 15 minutes and you start getting tired! And yet, he is obedient and you have a real bond! What is going on? Too busy chasing butterflies, in good faith, he can’t hear you! To help stay focused on your voice or get his attention if he’s really deaf, you may need a training vibration collar! Continue reading

Power Head Nap Pillow

Pillow to sleep should be soft, but not be too soft, stable but not too tight, cozy and beautiful.

All this is actually not that difficult to meet. The right size would also be good.

But if we are honest times-when we are really tired (for example, just before an unplanned nap) it does almost everything as a pillow. But only almost!

The main thing you can put his head reasonably comfortably on it.

Lest you get embarrassed having to crumple your sweater to cushion together I make at this point some of my favorite current pillow collection of Bloomingville, Hay, Muuto and Broste Copenhagen before.

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