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Nail Polish Remover OcÉAne: Benefits, Where to Buy, How to Use

Nail Polish Remover OcÉAne, Benefits, Where To Buy, How To Use, Tips

Brittle nails require special care and, for that, several routines must be followed to the letter so that you won’t be on hand and they break well on a special occasion. In this way many products are recommended and other forbidden for those who have this kind of problem. So, it’s always good that you pay attention to packaging and keep an eye on the benefits that nail product can bring to them. Continue reading

Hair Lengthening Techniques

The hair is the frame of the face, and, for women, nothing like display it beyond beautiful and brilliant, too long. A preference, in particular, of Brazilian women, fans of long tresses and sensuous declared. However, many are not satisfied with the size of their hair, doesn’t have patience to wait for them to grow or, for certain reasons, cannot get naturally, longer wires. If your desire is to win more centimeters of hair, without having to wait a long time for this, meet, below, some stretching techniques. Continue reading

What to Do with the Backpack in the Parks?

Take a backpack to the parks makes it easy, and the your tour, and can be a source of economy. Take snacks and bottled water (provided within the rules that’s allowed to take in each park) is already a great source of economy. Add to list things like sunscreen, camera, rain gear, a Cardigan … well, I don’t think anybody put in discussion the usefulness of a backpack in the parks of Orlando, right? Continue reading

Azelaic Acid – for What It Is, Pill, Cream

Tablet, Cream and for Serving Azelaic Acid.

Azelaic acid is a saturated, unbranched dicarboxylic acid: 1,7-heptandicarboxylic acid (nonanedioic acid). The antibacterial effect is demonstrated by the decrease of the bacterial colonization in the cutaneous surface and inside the follicle, as well as by a reduction of the percentage of free fatty acids in the lipids of the cutaneous surface. It exerts a direct comedolitic effect on the efflorescence that influences the differentiation of keratinocytes and, possibly, their proliferation, which allows a normalization of disturbed follicular keratinization. Continue reading

Win 10 Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Today we continue with the wins for the 4th blog birthday and above all the nail polish fans among you will be happy. I like the Sally Hansen nail polish very much and have often presented you this on the blog. The paints can be easily painted with the wide brush, usually cover quite well and hold on to my nails for a long time. Therefore, I am very happy that today I can give away ten of them to you! The color selection ranges from pastel-nude to brightly colorful. This ensures the change on the nails. Continue reading