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Azelaic Acid – for What It Is, Pill, Cream

Tablet, Cream and for Serving Azelaic Acid.

Azelaic acid is a saturated, unbranched dicarboxylic acid: 1,7-heptandicarboxylic acid (nonanedioic acid). The antibacterial effect is demonstrated by the decrease of the bacterial colonization in the cutaneous surface and inside the follicle, as well as by a reduction of the percentage of free fatty acids in the lipids of the cutaneous surface. It exerts a direct comedolitic effect on the efflorescence that influences the differentiation of keratinocytes and, possibly, their proliferation, which allows a normalization of disturbed follicular keratinization. Continue reading

Win 10 Sally Hansen Nail Polish

Today we continue with the wins for the 4th blog birthday and above all the nail polish fans among you will be happy. I like the Sally Hansen nail polish very much and have often presented you this on the blog. The paints can be easily painted with the wide brush, usually cover quite well and hold on to my nails for a long time. Therefore, I am very happy that today I can give away ten of them to you! The color selection ranges from pastel-nude to brightly colorful. This ensures the change on the nails. Continue reading

Enamel Fortifying Nails – Buy, Price

Tips and information on the price of nail polish for you you want to buy.

With frequencies many women visit the manicure and use a lot of nail polish. Or even those women who do not know how to run out of nail polish. The result is weakened and brittle nails.The nails reflect the health of the organism since they are cutaneous appendages formed by different segments of the skin. Continue reading

Achadões: Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Jeez you have time we don’t make a Achadões here on the blog, right? Because we’re going to work this out and will be now!

Achadões today is very special. I’ve talked a few times about my love of Lush here on the blog. Not only by the incredibly fragrant products, with textures that makes you want to eat and super effective, but also by the ideology and values behind the brand. Continue reading

Tips on Tangerine Hair Dye

The tangerine color is high among the famous. The tone, which looks like a faded redhead, is, in fact, a color achieved with the correct coloring and indicated for each hair tone. Red and orange are colors that are difficult to maintain because they take time to stick to the hair. Especially tangerine, which is an orange that looks good on women in the whiter, for combining better with the skin tone. Here are some tips on tangerine hair dye. Continue reading

Autumn Nail Polish

Some of you may be still in the summer mode, but in time for the meterological autumn start on 1 September, I would like to dedicate this top 3 blog parade to the autumn nail polish. In addition to cooler temperatures, there were also some gloomy rainy days. I hope, of course, for a golden autumn with brightly colored foliage. Also in terms of color, I am looking forward to the autumn and I am curious what paints you would like to wear in the near future especially and often. Thank you again to the participants of the Top 3 Catrice news ! The contouring palette I have already grown. The winners of the three Catrice products of their choice I will reveal below. Continue reading

Decorated Heart Nails

Photos and Models of Decorated Heart Nails

If you want a beautiful model of decoration for your nails be sure to check the models that we will show in today’s post, we are talking about Decorated Heart Nails, they are modern and well differentiated too, and that is why we can not fail to check .For you who likes modern nails, of delicate models, you can be sure that you will find what you need so much, even more because nowadays what is not lacking for us are options.And the impression we have is that with each passing day more and more new models emerge. Continue reading