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Bohemian Hairstyles

Yesterday began the spring and surely you have a season filled with baptisms, weddings, communions, graduations and all kinds of celebrations in which you are going to have to take care of your look, both the hairstyle and clothing, to go pretty well. If you want to save a few euros, we are going to recommend a few tutorials simple hairstyles style Bohemian you going to result from more useful and you can get yourselves. Continue reading

How Red Lipstick can Keep the Whole Night

Christmas and the new year’s Eve celebration with many cheerful – and probably long – nights with friends and family outside the door, there is nothing better than bright red lips to underline your festive look , and to bring you in the mood for celebration. But how can woman keep the cherry-red lipstick in place on the lips – and of course away from the teeth – even after several sips of sparkling wine or champagne? Continue reading

Raw Cosmetics

01 September 2014 raw food for the skin raw food has long been on everyone’s lips. The food heat not over 48 degrees and keep therefore the nutrients that are not heat-resistant. Supporters of the raw-food movement therefore assume that their meals contain more vitamins, minerals and trace elements than cooked dishes. Now the lifestyle phenomenon on the beauty industry has jumped over: raw cosmetics, so cosmetics with cold processed ingredients, are currently booming.  Continue reading

OmbrÉ Lipsticks In the Test

Admittedly, our editorial team was initially more than irritated as the so-called Ombré lipsticks (or even two tone or 2-in-1-lipsticks-lip liner and lipstick in one) came out. Ombré was already a mixed blessing for the hair, remember? Ombré is a gradient along the length, then the hair from light to dark.It could look just fine, but in doubt it looked like out grown hair coloring-and that was then anything but beautiful. Continue reading

How to Makeup Like Lily Collins

The make up of Lily Collins is very simple and fresh, the British actress and model aims primarily to his lips, highlighted by red lipstick, and defined eyes, characterized by thick and long lashes.

Known for being one of the protagonists of the film Snow White, for which he also won an award at the Teen Choice Awards, Lily Collins almost always appears fresh and purely jaunty and youthful look (after all, only 26 years old!). We discover together which make up uses more often in everyday life.

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Diego Dalla Palma Milan

Warm tones that are inspired by nature, the new make-up collection autumn – winter Diego Dalla Palma conquer every woman.

Available from mid-September the new collection Fall / Winter 2015 by Diego Dalla Palma, is inspired by Mother Nature. This is a make-up collection features warm colors and comfortable, declined in shades of brown and green of the undergrowth for a refined and sensual look suitable for all women.

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