Carolina Herrera Is Moving to the Rhythm of the Water

During the parade of corresponding to the collection autumn-winter 2015 Carolina Herrera presented during the Fashion Week New York the designer seemed to feel in their element, like a fish in the water, doing what best knows, that is design. Everything you saw on the runway seemed to fluctuate by the grace of a series of waves, which reminded the waves of the sea, which seemed to move on the surface of different fabrics ranging from wool to the chiffon or silk.

But not only that, since these waves to break seemed to have also spotted the fabrics. The impact of raindrops on the different surfaces resulted in bubbles of different sizes, creating different types of Splash giving life to a sort of marbleized blue tones.

The designer herself commented that everything you saw had to do with the movement of the water, from the color and shape to the movement in the living of skirts, eddies of ruffles on the skirt of a dress at night, passing through the undulating and shiny texture of Astrakhan which used to adorn jackets and tops in cashmere.

The silhouettes, in the purest style Carolina Herrera – so much that the designer has not hesitated in baptize this parade with the name of Herrera Live -, they are still eminently female playing with volumes on the sleeves and with the famous frills or waves to water.

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