Cargo Pants Style Guide

How to have a summer look and practice sufficiently developed?

Find a convenient and stylish look in summer is not obvious…

I’ve never been a big fan of bags for men: I do not like to wear something hand when I walk.

As to overload my jeans pockets? No, the record is awful and uncomfortable.

Cargo Pants Style Guide

The answer came to me some time ago, during my regular watch collections: I saw a type of pants that was not just another chinos or jeans: the cargo pants.

I just love this play that now, if I turn to two or three jeans and chinos three, I have six cargo pants I put regularly.

Indeed, this is a piece that has many facets: streetwear, a fighter hair, casual; and you can even (being a bit clever), place in outfits with more dressy pieces. In short, a more versatile piece than we think.

It is for these reasons that we wanted to explore this garment. And we chose the brand Three Animals.

Why a collaboration with Three Animals?

Ming, the designer, settled for 10 years in Paris. She is Chinese, and remains committed to the craft of her country. She is active also for it to be recognized at fair value, using Chinese craft materials and pushing far finishes his clothes.

Florian had also detailed at length the techniques used for the coloring of its tissues.

The Three Animals style combines ultimately, quite correctly, relaxed and contemporary designs in a palette of colors reassuring. Also, if you look closely, these clothes are full of interesting little details: Stitching at the knees, although particular swallows reinforcement, etc.

So the quality, the atmosphere casual and the choice of materials that attracted us here.

Why cargo pants? That’s the boat?

What is good with cargo pants is that the design is masculine and timeless, because of its direct legacy military trousers.

It is difficult to do more “badass” like clothing! And despite the name, it has very little to do with the marine world.

Its most recognizable point is of course the presence of the two pockets on the thighs, to readily understandable practicality.

The secret is in the details

Reinforced bellows pockets

Ming used a clever pocket closure system, minimalist and efficient, without snaps.

We opted for the bellows pockets to be easily put more bulky items as papers.

The back pockets are rather more dressed: they are piped with a button, like a classic trousers.

Gaming anatomical seams

Characteristic sign of pants Three Animals: there are games seams at the knees: it’s contemporary design touches.

These small bending pliers used to follow the natural curves of the knee: this is called the anatomical design.

And finally, within the fabric contains a well-known reasons BonneGueule … But we let you surprise!