Camping in the Garden Ideas

From the makeshift shelter for camping cabin hard, everything is possible (but not necessarily permitted year-round) to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the garden. You will discover the best ideas of camp “without moving from home’ come us strangely travelers or the tribes of the more or less distant lands! Today, we talk of the trend “glamping”, contraction of “glamour” and “camping” to evoke the desire to enjoy the nature in tents or prettiest atypical facilities than others and relatively comfortable.

  1. A Former Beach tent to the NAP
    With its door in fabric (folding changing at the beach) which turns into awning for shelter of the Sun, its frame made of wood or bamboo, thisvintage tent has everything to seduce us: head away from the wind, the possibility to install a bed one Wicker paré lovely quilts, and even a frame hanging as decoration. The dream place!
  2. Bernard Touillon photographer

Or to shelter in poolside sunbeds
Great success from the Belle Epoque, these cabins in fabric have flourished on the beaches of Dieppe to the Mediterranean through Royan or Deauville for the rounder, visible still today.Folded packed with its stakes and his Mallet, beach tent is in a suitcase were set on the roof of the car in the 1950s and 60s. It can still be found used that date from this time, very pretty with their stripes bayadères, both decorative and practical to avoid sunburn.

A Tipi of The Plains Indians
Also natural materials, wood and cotton, the true tipi responds to a few principles: it is composed of two paintings, the an outer (lining), which does not touch the ground, unlike the second indoors (ozan). This allows air to circulate while the heat and possibly smoke are evacuated through the vents at the top, where the Poles intersect.

Board: Avoid taking a NAP in the Middle, under the opening, there normally where the home, failing to receive a few drops in the first downpour.

  1. Annette Tatum

Easy as pie
Without the complexity of a real tipi tent Indian type, for children, offers them a rest or conviviality space to share their games or their secrets. Golden pen and little cloud can sit, or as apprentices Indians, about some business in the open air.

Have there a few quilts and cushions. And if you offer them a bit more folklore, pile a few stones and add a few branches outdoor, to create a small home of camp fire. To monitor however…

Or a tepee of origami style
The tipi is so in the air time that designers him decline in all versions, like here, in hard material and shape origami in several aspects. By installing a tatami, you make an ideal spot for meditation and relaxation.

3 way khaima, the tent of the desert
Initially family tent of nomadic peoples of the Morocco and Mauritania, it is always used in the Sahara, but it is diverted from its ancestral function. Thus found on roofs restaurant terraces, in courtyards or in commercial premises to outside or simply lounge in the garden. His handcrafted in camel’s hair no longer meet as successful as the Malian called white canvas.

Did you notice the deco tip for this picture? It is not a traditional malican tent, but a lambda Party tent to which we added some sheers and a patchwork of fabrics as a carpet. Stunning!

    1. a perched place and an Indian tent
      Your child is more of a Tarzan, Huckleberry Finn or Yakari?A little of each? Because all tastes are in nature, and this, from the youngest age, you can install a garden shed wooden stilt as well as an Indian tent for your kids. One, to avoid bickering, two, because they will equally enjoy lounging under a canvas tent to perching in elevated shelter for tea.
    2. A Mongolian yurt
      Traditional habitat of many nomads of Central Asia,the yurt attracted more and more Europeans. In this large single room in a circle around a stove, it can accommodate several beds that serve as seats by day.Good to know: Traditionally, single opening, the door must be oriented to the South.Remember to remove the yurt at least once a year, to air out it and install a floor to the ground.Regulation: If it is not equipped with a kitchen unit or health, it is assimilated to a tent (only the Mayor can prohibit its installation for security reasons, public tranquility, landscape). Otherwise, it will be considered a slight leisure home. In this case, it must be installed on appropriate land type camping, vacation homes, etc.
    3. An Igloo as extra room
      This igloo-shaped garden shed is truly multipurpose.It can accommodate your plants like a greenhouse outside your living room for winter or summer. With its dome insulating PVC opaque and transparent, farewell mosquitoes, harmful sun rays and Hello peace!Despite its two windows, it is important to well ventilate the space.Tip: Since green plants and reading are good Bedfellows, mix the two!


  1. A Toolshed revisited
    Some people have no need to store bicycles and other garden tools in the shed, sometimes installed by their predecessors.On the other hand, they need a corner to them, at the expense, to relax, read a book or do a NAP.The idea of diverting a gazebo in a cabin to relax is an inexpensive, fun, and convenient option.Simply set up a camp bed, a curtain, a few seats or beanbags and, if necessary, to paint it.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

  1. Hanging Hammocks way Yucatec
    No need to be in Central America to indulge in relaxing in a hammock. Air, away from insects and ideal for the back, the hammock attracted more and more French outdoors as well as indoors.Paintings of all styles and the racks, which can compensate for the absence of trees in your garden, will prove you that the NAP is not a luxury!
  2. A Stationary Caravan
    First of all, a warning: local planning rules can impose restrictions on the installation of a trailer in a garden.If she has more no plate registration or wheels, she becomes a light House of leisure, subject to local planning rules.The wisest is to park and use it in the garden for a period of less than three months and prove she’s still mobile! Once these constraints met, deploy your store of Caravan and enjoy the calm. With a vintage like this model, it’s even prettier, in the ‘glamping’ trend.
  3. A Trailer, Bohemian way
    Place in mind gypsyto finish our big trip to relax facilities in the garden with this trailer revisited in pastel colors. As for the trailer, beyond three months, the owner must obtain the authorization of the Mayor parking, or even planning permission if it is fixed.More than a corner of rest, the trailer can also be used as Garden Office, workshop of artist or play room for children. On his small wooden deck, install folding chairs, wicker chairs or benches to contemplate nature more closely.Variant: A train car, less easy to find, but still most unusual!