Calzedonia New Collection Autumn 2016

Elegant and yet indomitable: is this the woman of Calzedonia 2015/2016 autumn-winter collection, which offers tights and leggings by tailoring details, including embroidery and games of transparencies.
The arrival of autumn and the cold weather, over sweaters and coats, means tights and socks, preferably signed Calzedonia. For next season, the fashion house offers a collection able to satisfy all tastes, focused mainly in shades of gray and black, but that has embroidery games, transparencies and color peaks, especially with regard to the socks.

The autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 Calzedonia is designed both for older women with yarns from sensual designs that convey a certain majesty, and for the younger ones, with leggings and tights mischievous and bright, to shine in the evening. In addition, this collection also presents a series of garments designed for fitness and gym, made ​​with technical fabrics.

A collection of inspiration underground, with fabrics in jeans and torn in a workmanlike manner, to convey an air of indomitable enough, capable of striking with its details of sartorial mold. But v ediamo together the different proposals for Calzedonia:


The tights Calzedonia

The tights that will be most fashionable in the coming season will be the ones longuette, elegant in opaque version up to just above the knee and then veiled, cheerful and lively with bear-shaped prints or cat, and finally romantic at heart with embroidery.

Calzedonia then proposes, in addition to classic models in different shades, sensual tights by floral embroidery, tulle with polka dot patterns or veiled with line and back bow. The most opaque patterns are enlivened by light points or flashy fantasies like the one animal and the Stars.

No shortage of Paris, presented in perforated version to give a touch of aggression to the look, the highs, the traditional lace garter belt or effect, and knee socks, smooth or with a floral pattern.

Some stockings are also available in the modeling version, which allows to streamline thighs and buttocks.

The leggings Calzedonia

A wide selection of leggings is a must in the autumn-winter 2015/2016 Calzedonia. They range from models that mimic jeans, called jeggings, complete with a tear on the knees or thighs, to those in the skin, through the classic cotton, embellished with details in lace, floral prints or transparencies or futuristic, and those high-waisted.

Also for the next season there are plenty of leggings push ups, able to slim and shape the body in the most critical points for a woman.

The most beautiful? Those with transparencies in a star shape.

The socks Calzedonia

Colorful and cheerful socks collection Funny Patterns provided by Calzedonia for next season, with prints designed for the younger, including donuts, potato chips, popcorn and the Eiffel Tower, but also the American flag, with the stripes on a foot and the stars on the other, for one fun and unique style.

There are also models, in wool and cotton, more sober, ribbed, smooth or even veiled, in a neutral tone or with some decoration, like those blacks with the ribbon around the ankle. They cannot miss then the ghosts and non-slip socks, perfect for walking barefoot at home without suffering from the cold and without the risk of falling.

The fitness apparel Calzedonia

Even when you go to the gym or you decide to make a run in the open air must be stylish without sacrificing comfort and this is possible thanks to the autumn-winter 2015/2016 Calzedonia, which offers a range of leggings and socks designed especially for those who do physical activity.

The leggings, which are available in the length that reaches to the ankle or the one that cuts the calf, are made ​​of technical fabrics with colorful details fuchsia, yellow highlighter or gray tulle and transparencies. Some models are sold coordinated with a pair of shorts or a miniskirt elastic.

The fitness socks are short, blacks or whites with colorful details.