Cabanjacke for Men-the Ideal Companion for Wet, Cold Weather…

This name only occasionally ghosts through the fashion scene, quietly and leisurely, but still with an ever-recurring presence.What exactly a Cabanjacke is, today many people no longer know. The name comes from French and means simply raincoat or jacket.

The German name included woolen jackets of the navy and sea fishing. The functionality can also be derived from its origin – protection against damp conditions. However, this does not exclude any positive points in terms of style – many things happen to become cult objects. A Cabanjacke gentleman stands today for elegant everyday jackets with the entire country population and that in our entire cultural circle and beyond.

Cabanjacke-Dresscode Of The Imperial Navy

From a German perspective, a small time journey can be traced back to the 1880s. They were called “Calani” in an honorable manner-although in different versions, as is the case with every French-language name. Before a name established in common there are manifold predecessors. How, however, the nickname “Stutzer” came, is not clarified. But this too was common.

In Germany, production was limited to Schurwolle – the house “Berger & Colani” from Kiel served as an imperial supplier. In this way, the Kriegsmarine was fully equipped with the already high-quality garments. In the overseas, similar designs were called “Pea Coat”. Even in the GDR, these garments were officially used for their sailors.

From France it was possible to observe the worldwide spread of the trend, but there was still no possibility for the masses to observe it.As one of the first stylistic cult objects with a global distribution, the bearer of the Cabanjacke radiates a certain tradition, worldliness and down-to-earthness compared to pure hipper merchandise. And to combine these aspects is probably also a portion of happiness. Now these are expressions, which can at least be quickly arranged with the handle in the wardrobe. The manufacturers keep partly to archived originals from past centuries and the optics once reserved for the seafarers is nevertheless still fashionable.

Features Of The Original Cabanjacke Men

A wide lapel of materials, which do not remind at all of the raincoats, but nowadays rather than traditional woolen coats run is probably the fastest visible recognition feature. The collars can be fixed with so-called storm straps in a folded-up state. However, resistance to weathering is nevertheless a leading property, although the design is both smart and practical.

If there are not two rows of buttons, one can not speak of a men’s caban jacket. These became established as the original and lend him the character. The cut is basically a slight waistline or at least a straight cut. Spacious pockets are also part of the original image.Large cuts often do not have much to do with the original, but are sometimes offered-especially for ladies.

From the colors there are actually no specifications, except that dark or navy blue the independent character probably best. Typical colors of the outer clothing like all gray tones between black and white – including this itself, Brauntöne including Beige but also khaki or serious green tones are usual. There are, of course, in all colors, even in idiosyncratic ones, thereby limiting the combination possibilities strongly and with the outer clothing can be simply disadvantageous. You also remove yourself from the original image on bittranslators, if you wish.

The Different Types Of Today: Elegant Or Casual?

So many differences can not be found in the explanations-the above features are already very restrictive of the details themselves.Nevertheless, there are offers in classical design or individual modifications, even according to current trend specifications. Some are geared towards the transitional period, while others have an additional inner lining for the cold season.

The essential distinction criteria are therefore guided less by the outfit, but rather by qualitative criteria. This makes a distinction between the material and the processing, once between the price-performance ratio and the individual focus.

Whether they are classified as elegant or casual depends on the fact that they can be worn over the suit or in women for a formal costume. It must not be a modified model or an unsuitable color.But also the sporty character can be taken out and underlined.Jeans and high-top sneakers combined with a cabanjack jacket is a good idea, who likes to let the sailor look with other details. In this way you have a lot of room for the combination.

Materials Of A Caban

Everything is possible from the cotton mix to the woolen wool. The closer you get to the original, the heavier and more woolly it should work-whereby “woolly” meanwhile also consists of cotton mix.Polyamide is also used. High-tech materials, for example a polyurethane or polyester mix, which are especially directed against moisture, have the advantage of a luster – but are not very warm in winter.

These are more suitable for autumn/spring. They are also more resistant to dirt than wool, a choice with all sorts of advantages.Although it may not have been used earlier, the authenticity does not abort, but is a simple innovation.

Conclusion To The Cabanjacke Gentlemen

If you would like to bring a jacket, with which one with only one handle in the closet a semi-official impression, or for all eventualities stylistically well equipped, is the Cabanjacke gentlemen just right. Difficulty is the distinction between transitional or winterjacke. This can only be solved individually-or even a double purchase. Personally, however, I would also wear a jacket jacket jacket in the winter when no long footwalk would be connected with cold but in such cases you do not need a stylish, but winter-proof appearance anyway.