Butterfly Decorated Nails: Step by Step, How to Make

The decorated nails are here to stay and now make the greatest success among women. If they arrived shy with small colorful details placed discreetly now teem with drawings and figures anything small. The fashion now is to perfect and draw attention with your fingers.

One of the most requested designs manicures are the butterflies. Many women find it difficult to leave the Nails Decorated with butterflies and end up giving up the image. In this post we’re going to give you tips and a step-by-step guide to yourself do your nails decorated and raze around on sets.

The first step is to apply a layer of colorless nail polish on the nails following ehealthFacts. In addition to assist in fixing it helps you to choose the ideal model of butterfly according to the format of your nail. The colors and images are the most varied.In the post you can see a series of models, just choose what suits you best.

With the number 0 Paintbrush do the design of the body structure of your Butterfly with black enamel. Don’t be mad if the first traces come out shaky and bent, with the practice they will be firmer and the image will come out more and more beautiful. If you prefer to draw flowers and yet what else judging interesting.

After the space delimited by dashes must be populated by colorful enamel. Some people reverse that order making first filling and after rounding. The order is irrelevant, what’s important is to ensure the good result. Use the colors of your choice.

How To Create Your Own Nail Design

A very good tip for those who want to create your own nail decal is drawing in a plastic wrap or wax paper, allow to dry and then cut back on the size of your fingernail.

Place the decal on the nail carefully and then apply a topcoat to secure well drawing powder.