Brief History of the Paralympic Games

The Paralympsche Games, Paralympic Games, in other words, is the largest sporting event for athletes with disabilities. The international event has become one of the most famous sports events for people with disabilities. But how the Paralympics have come about?


The Paralympic Games were introduced in 1948 by the English neurosurgeon Ludwig Guttman. He worked as a doctor in World War II in Austria and Germany. After the war, he carried out many patients, who often was tops skiers with amputated limbs. This allowed them from pursuing their sport. Gutmann therefore took the initiative to organise the Olympic Games for the disabled.

Wheelchair Games

The first Paralympic Games was held in the English City of Stoke Mandeville and ran parallel with OS reuliere. Four years later, the event had an international character. In 1952, took them to the Olympic Games, the Dutch also Adapted disabled first. In 1960 the first Paralympic Games were held in Rome, did this year no less than 400 athletes participate in 23 different countries. In those games, there were no less than eight sports in which athletes could compete. Six of these disciplines, archery, atkeltiek, swimming, basketball, table tennis and fencing, is now still a part of the game software.From this years Paralypics held every four years, just as the modern Olympic Games.

Winter Games

In 1976, promised the first ski races for the disabled this year did the first Paralympic Winter Games were introduced. Participants competed against each other in five different disciplines: cross country skiing, curling, biathlon, Alpine skiing and ice hockey. These disciplines we know today still. Even athletes who have a physical, mental or visual impairments would be able to participate this year. In 1980 the first Paralympic Games was hosted by the Netherlands and took place in Arnhem.In 1988 Paralympics first held in the same accommodation as the Olympic Games.

Sydney & Athens

From 1960 to 2000, the number of disabled athletes gegeroeid from 400 to 4000. In the Paralympic Games held in Sydney, got the predicate?? the best of all time?? set aside for successful organization, great results and many visitors. Netherlands won a whopping 45 medals. In 2004, the best athletes with a disability in the twelfth edition of the Paralympic Games in Athens. Total came that year in eighteen athletes from various disciplines. The Orange team back thuiswaarts fewer medals than in 2000,?? only??30. the Netherlands ended up as 15: ei world. The mentally handicapped swimmers Alwin Houtsman was the most successful ern won a whopping eight medals including five gold.


In the Beijing Paralympic Games was held for the 13th time. For the Netherlands took them 83 athletes with disabilities to participate. There was, among other things, gold medal all binnengespleet by Mirjam de Koning-Peper in 100 m freestyle and spears of Pieter Gruijters.


The Paralympics run today continue to parrallel structure of the modern Olympic Games, although they have after a weekly schedule. Two weeks after the inauguration of the regular Olympic Games going to Paralympic Games begins. Participants in the Paralympic Games can now choose from twenty different sports and athletes in the winter edition compete for medals in five different disciplines. For mentally handicapped, there are the special Olypics and extinguish the Deaflympics.
The word Paralympic refers to the paralyzed. This is a person who is limited by a disability in his/her performance.